Monday, June 15, 2015


Another Monday (sigh).   And, to top it off - a rainy Monday.   In a way that's fine by me because of the fabulous weekend we had.  The weather was perfect!  Blue skies and sunshine all day.  It feels so good, spending time outdoors.  I embrace these days because we don't get them year round.

Speaking of outdoors, I'm searching for inspiration for our side yard.  I envision and arbor in the space, along with climbing roses and lots of lush greenery.

Roses like these - Constance Spry Roses are so beautiful.  I know it would take a couple of years to get it to my standards (completely covering the arbor).  Something to look forward to.

Image via HGTV

Here are some inspirational photos:

I'm leaning towards a metal arbor as opposed to wood.

There's a little bit of this and a little bit of that I love from all three images (via BHG).  I'm swooning over the climbing roses.

via Southern Style

Stay tuned to see how this next project turns out!


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