Monday, June 27, 2016

FAREWELL . . . for now

Hello to my followers.  This post is dedicated to those who have been following me for the past few years.  It's with sadness that I have to sign off . . . for now.

I'm at a cross roads, where I'm trying to dedicate my all to my daily posts but time and again, "life" has taken priority over my outlet for blogging.  I've been struggling to "do it all".  Lately, I've noticed myself, getting frustrated, stressed, rushed and just burnt out.  Being gone for 12 hours a day (sometimes more) and caring for two doggies - there's not enough hours during the evening to sit and put a post together.  And, I find that putting just any ordinary post, just to do it, is not something I wanted to do.

It's funny, as I'm writing this post, my husband is reminding me to make a list of reminders that I need him to do for my dad.  You see, we recently invested in a condo and moved my dad closer to us.  I took a few days off last week, to get him settled in.  Having him near me, requires more responsibility on my part.  I want to make sure he doesn't feel alone, in a new place and a new state.

I want to also dedicate time, taking care of myself - physically and emotionally.  I suffer with back pain and I know a big part of that is spending a majority of my time sitting at work and commuting long hours to and from work.  I need to exercise (pilates, yoga) to strengthen my flexibility.

My hope is to recharge myself and find that positive state of mind again.    A huge "THANK YOU" to those that have followed my blog. It means so much.  Its not good-bye.  You'll still be able to follow me on Instagram (joann3373) and Snapchat (@jodigiacinto) to follow my daily life.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Summer.


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