Thursday, May 26, 2016



Spending time outdoors on a beautiful spring/summer day, is something I enjoy doing.  So when I saw Crate and Barrel's Table in a Bag, I thought this was a genius idea.  Especially, if your outdoor plans include heading to the park or even the beach.  You will be the envy of the posh picnic you set up!  A picnic is always fun but sometimes can be uncomfortable to eat so low to the ground and then there's the bug problem - ants going on your blanket right to your food.  And, when you're done, it's convenient enough to disassemble and store in the canvas bag.  If interested, the table in a bag is currently on sale for $59.00

Happy shopping!


Monday, May 23, 2016



Hi everyone!  How was your weekend?  Ours started off cloudy and raining but Sunday afternoon turned out to be a pretty day with sunshine and warmer temperatures.  

Today I'm sharing my table decor inspiration look.  If you couldn't tell, I'm loving all things pink and this table decor doesn't disappoint.  Lets talk about the dinnerware from Fishs Eddy via West Elm.  The design detail of the scalloped dinner plate with black and gold band detail is so gorgeous.  And, how cute is the side plate with the pink and gold band.  Pairing these with cooper, pink and black accents brings the whole look together.

Entertaining with this table decor can be set up for indoors or outdoors.  Complete this look with a gorgeous floral arrangement, a fabulous dinner and signature drink.  Hope you've been inspired!


2.  Poplin Pink Napkins (set of 8) (CB2)
3.  Copper Flatware (West Elm)
5.  Hobnail Acrylic Drinkware (Pottery Barn)
6.  Malibu Figural Fish Bowl (set of 4) (Pottery Barn)
8.  Copper Bar Tray (CB2)

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Friday, May 20, 2016

FASHION: My Look for the Office


F-R-I-D-A-Y!!!  It has been a long week and a frustrating week - commute wise.   I really struggle and battle with this long, two hour commute home when it shouldn't take that long.  I feel so rushed to get home, take the pups out for their walk, cook for them, clean up, throw in some play time and before I know it, it's time for bed.

I do enjoy working in NYC but wish I didn't have to commute.  I wish I could just plug in my work address and zap myself there.  Working in NYC, I enjoy picking out my outfit to wear at the office.  With springtime weather, it calls for lighter and softer looks.

Lately, my color choices for Spring have been just that . . .  lighter and softer color tones.  Wearing black all year long has been a staple of mine but I'm slowly transitioning and expanding my wardrobe with a neutral color palette.

I purchased a couple of months ago, the 3/4 sleeve cardigan, in "berry mousse" from Ann Taylor (on sale).  I usually pair a cardigan with a dress or skirt.  You can add a blazer as well.  I'm loving the Silk Lace Trim Cami from Express but need it to go on sale!  This cami would be perfect for summer.    Another favorite of mine is this Textured midi skirt from Mango.  I have several white skirts and this one is on my wish list (if it goes on sale).  And, how cute is the Leather Shoulder bag from Ted Baker in baby pink.  I love the feminine look of this handbag.  A new sandal to try is from Chinese Laundry.  The 'Lavelle' Ankle strap sandal is kind to your wallet ($79.95).  And, the criss-cross design is different than the other versions on the market (i.e., Stuart Weitzman, Manolo Blahnik, Aldo).

Wishing everyone a great weekend.

Happy shopping!


Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Boohoo Lace Midi dress ($44.00)
Vanessa Bruno At the Drop Waist dress ($385.00)

Vila All Over Crochet dress ($46.00)

Fashion Union dress in Crochet  ($52.00)

Vila Embellished Drop Waist dress  ($73.00)

Navy London Lace dress with Front Neck Detail ($106.00)

Moon River Double Layer Midi dress ($81.00)

Gremlin Brodie Crochet Trim dress ($146.00)

Happy hump day!  Sharing my favorite white dress from ASOS for Spring and Summer.  I love browsing ASOS' website to source new apparel.  The options are great and range in prices; for those who don't want to spend a ton of money and those who can splurge.

Happy shopping!


Monday, May 16, 2016

FASHION: Spring Style

1.  Crochet Panels shirt - (MANGO USA)
2.  Burberry Full Kisses (Rosewood) - (Sephora)
3.  Comme des Garcons Grace by Grace Coddington (Barneys)
4.  Floral Lace Pencil Skirt - (J. Crew)
5.  Christian Louboutin Triloubi Small Bag (Barneys)
6.  Christian Louboutin Pigalles Follies in Ballerina Pink (Neiman Marcus)


Hello readers.  Hope you had a lovely weekend.  The temperatures dropped after some rain and it was too windy and cool to enjoy the outdoors.  While indoors, I caught up on a pile of clothes that needed to be ironed and did my weekly house chores (very exciting life, I know).

Hoping for the warmer weather to return soon.  Today, I broke out my heavier jacket because temps are in the 40's and windy!  We are expected to reach 60 but still not warm in my book. 

Here's a Spring look I put together to put me in the mood.  Long sleeves are still needed during this season and I'm loving all things pink. The contrast of deep wine and pale pink is the perfect combo. And, I need to be in a better mood; after some aggravating news I received on Friday evening.  Hoping to get things resolved today.  

Enjoy your day!  


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

TABLE DECOR: Art Decor/Couture Inspired Look

1.  Patterned Plate (H and M Home)
2.  Couture Show Napkins - (Megan Hess)
3.  Savannah Charger Plate with Gold Rim (Crate and Barrel)
4.  Waterford Lismore Diamond Gold Goblet (Bloomingdales)
5.  Emory Gold5-Piece Flatware Place Setting (Crate and Barrel)
6.  Simple Marble Candlestick (Wisteria)
Image credit

I've always been drawn to the Art Deco period. Specifically, the design elements and fashion.  With the high glitz and glam, I felt inspired to create a similar look with a table setting.  

This table design plays homage to that period. How fun would it be to host an event and throw a bash!  Or, hosting a couture dinner, gathering with your favorite ladies.  I can see it held at a historic hotel in NYC.  Such as these options below. 

Wyndham New Yorker Hotel 

The Waldorf Astoria 

WestHouse Hotel


Monday, May 9, 2016

FASHION: Burst of Color for Spring

One: Lace Edges top (MANGO USA)
Two:  Halogen 'Starboard' Sandwiched Silk Scarf (Nordstrom)
Three:  Straight Cotton trousers (MANGO USA)
Four:  Uptown Mini Satchel (Henri Bendel)
Five:  Ivanka Trump 'Hera' Sandal (Nordstrom)

Hi there!  Hope you enjoyed the weekend and celebrated Mother's Day.  Yesterday was the first day, in over a week, we saw sunshine and blue skies.  I was starting to go into a depression with all the rain we had.

With sunshine in the forecast for the week, I put together this outfit, with a burst of orange/pumpkin.  I love how nicely it pairs with navy, neutrals and white.

Happy shopping!


Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Last week, in the mail, I received the latest issue of House Beautiful magazine.  In it, I found a small article about a perfume; freshly imported from Paris call the Harmonist.  This line uses the ancient concepts of yin and yang to tailer a scent just for you!

When you visit their site, there you can take a quiz to find your own harmony.  The quiz asks for your name, sex, where you were born, and the time you were born.  After the system processes the data, your results are available.  The results are unique and based on your personal element.  What I found about me was pretty astounding!

So, I'll share my results with you guys.  Here's what it said:



stable, reliable, a good listener
You are the rocky mountain


You are a true rock - stable, grounded and trustworthy. People often confide in you; the strong sense of security you exude means others easily trust your discreet integrity and moral uprightness. You tend not to make snap decisions, preferring to hear all sides of an argument, but once you have made up your mind, like a mountain, you are not easily swayed. You have great patience, stamina, will-power and a contemplative mind.


You have an attractive, curvaceous figure and your mature, mysterious air ensure men know you are not to be taken lightly. You expect your partner to be faithful, and woe betide him should you catch him cheating. Communication is not your strong point, but in fact you are sensitive to the needs of others and a steady relationship means a lot to you. Your children are extremely important to you, often becoming the focus of your life.

Say what?!  How do you know me?

Next, you will be offered ten elixirs that can each interact with your own element (out of the five basic elements you choose) -   Fire, Water, Earth, Wood and Metal.

Depending on what you're seeking to enhance, (i.e., "Socializing, Creativity, Prosperity, Status and Seduction or Wisdom"), you can choose the perfume scent for you.  Each category will describe the specific list of ingredient notes.  For example, I would probably lean towards "Prosperity" (Water) or "Wisdom" (Fire).  For each selection, you can choose a perfume in ying or yang.

if you seek


If you seek to turn on the charm, enhance your social life, make new friends, or unleash your networking potential, the Earth perfume is the scent for you. Earth reflects your own personal energy and since ‘like attracts like’ you will soon discover your more gregarious, social side. Using the Earth scent will make you more out-going, spontaneous and approachable. Your new infectious energy will bring out the best in those around you, too. As you enhance your people skills, others will be able to see things from your perspective. 
read less
if you seek


If you seek to introduce more fun, creativity, intelligence and passion into your life, then the Metal perfume is for you. Metal can be used to fashion beautiful things, so by surrounding yourself with the Metal scent, you can unlock your imagination, becoming more expressive, optimistic, confident and cheerful. You will find yourself centre stage with a renewed passion for life: curious, playful and ready for new challenges. Since your verbal skills will improve, too, you can market yourself more successfully as well.
read less
if you seek


Ever feel stuck in a rut? Then it’s time to tap into your Prosperity element, Water, to shake things up a little and take control. Your element, Earth, dams Water, so by harnessing the essence of Water, you will be able to take charge, becoming more assertive, efficient, dynamic and results-oriented. Enveloping yourself in the scent of Water will widen your vision, enabling you to focus on long-term goals. You will find yourself ready to take risks and longing for change. Financial success should soon follow, riding the tide of your newfound ambition and determination. So use the Water scent and watch your dreams come true!
read less
if you seek


Your Status element is Wood, and since the roots of a strong tree can support an earthy bank, use the Earth scent if you seek new structure – or new companions - in your life. The Wood energy can boost your sex appeal, too, enhancing your powers of seduction and increasing your allure. Calm, steady and diplomatic, you will find yourself less influenced by your emotions, a good listener and peacekeeper. Since these are qualities your boss will appreciate, you may expect to see an improvement in your status soon, too. 
read less
if you seek


Fire is the molten core, the centre of the Earth, so if you seek to nourish body, soul and mind, envelope yourself in an aura of Fire. Its calming effect helps you relax so that your mind can become more reflective, analytical, attentive and methodical. Use Fire to unlock your abilities for problem-solving and research, and, better able to manage your time, your life will take on a more orderly, balanced harmony. Friends will turn to you for advice, appreciating your discreet loyalty and compassionate sincerity. 
read less


You can read the details for each by clicking on Ying and Yang:
Prices range from $275/$285.  While a little pricey, I am tempted to save for a bottle to see if it enhances my inner self.

All in all, it was a fun experience that I would encourage you to try.

Let me know if you feel it describes you correctly.


Monday, May 2, 2016

SPRUCING UP FOR SPRING: Landscape and Home Decor

Bijou candle - Bois de Vanille

Vases (vintage shop finds)

Tray purchased at Bloomingdales


Happy May!  Sounds so much better than "Monday".   On the east coast, we are starting the month off with rain and cooler temperatures.  Saturday was a pleasant day and we decided to visit a landscaping nursery that we've never visited before.  

We picked up some plantings for three of our planters in the backyard.  While two of our planters are not fully complete, I'm sharing what we've planted (ahem . . . what my hubby planted). 

I just love adding to our landscaping using planters. They create another layer of interest and perfect for incorporating more flowers in the back or front of your home.  For example, one of the planters we planted yellow begonias. Can I just tell you, I love the yellow begonias!  This is the first year I planted begonias or incorporated yellow flowers in our planters. 

When decorating for Spring inside the home, I opted for bright white accents, a lighter colored tray; completing the look with a soft floral arrangement.  This arrangement is something I will be creating more for spring. The mini green hydrangeas are a favorite of mine.  I love how these small changes, instantly brighten the room; making it fresh and alive. 

What changes have your made for Spring?