Friday, September 25, 2015

FOR THE HOME: Antelope Stair Runner

Happy Friday everyone!  So glad the weekend is hours away.  I'm soooo tired (did I stress I tired I was??).  Fur baby, Quincy is getting up in the wee bit hours (anywhere from 2-4 a.m.), throwing my sleep pattern off balance.  Getting through the days and nights have been a challenge.

Now with two doggies in our home, we made it a point to add a runner to our stairs.  I was looking for something stylish, something with a print, and something that would be durable for us and the pups to go up and down.  I was debating for months which direction to go.

After finding inspiration on Pinterest, I really wanted an animal print.  But, which one?  I love the leopard prints but was gravitating towards the antelope print.  I thought it suited our home a little more.  Plus, this was a big step for me - taking a walk on the wild side.  I usually play things safe and look for classic items.  But, this print is neutral in it's own respect and makes such a statement for the staircase.

While researching for antelope carpets I came across a couple of rug companies that carried them.  The first, Exotics Aberdale Antelope from Karastan, is the one we purchased.  The fabric is Karalon nylon with 3M scotchguard and stain release protection.

The second, a high end version is the Antelope Ax Animal by STARK (100% wool).  It comes in two colors - Chocolate (similar to the one we purchased) and Stock.  STARK also carries another antelope design, called Antilcarpa (100% Polyproylene) and comes in 10 different colors.  I really fell in love with the Mushroom color (seen below).

While I love the pattern above, it didn't have the design like the one we purchased; creating a waterfall affect.  Take a look at our new runner. . .

This particular pattern has variations of browns and creams; from light to dark.  After discussing options with the installer, I decided to go with the deeper brown in the center.

Here's the entire pattern, uncut.  This picture was taken outside (with my iPhone), where the carpet was laid on our driveway.  So, the color pattern is a little lighter.  But, you get a good idea of how pretty this design is as a whole.

 It creates such a beautiful, waterfall-like pattern, cascading down the stairs.  The other option would have been to have the lighter cream color pattern cut as the center piece.  I wish our stairs were wide enough to accommodate the full pattern but you work with what you have, right?

Now if I could convince my husband to paint the spindles white (sigh).

 A paint job is also on my list to revamp this space.  I would also love to add some stairway moldings.  I have a serious addiction to adding/changing our home.  Help!

I really love the way it turned out.  Even Mr. D is in agreement (say, whaaat?).

If you are considering a new carpet for your home and want to go wild, here are some inspirational pictures.

Love this pairs so nicely with the neutral colored wallpaper.  

This homeowner decided to fill the entire width of the steps

Such a gorgeous design and neutral friendly

This version has a thinner, deep brown stripe cascading down.  Still fab!


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