Thursday, September 11, 2014


I'm excited to share with you this stage of my home office.  It's been a long time coming (or what feels like a long time).  What should have been a simple and easy design project, turned into hiccups and delays.  I know things don't always go according to plan, but what I went through was just madness!  From my cabinet order not going in as scheduled; to the first install setup without doors and drawers; with a no show for the next install; damaged doors, missing pieces from the light fixture; hardware order mixed up, followed up with delays, delays and more delays for the deco doors. 

I guess I shouldn't complain . .. it took me well over a year to decide how my vision for this space would become.  I wanted it to be feminine and light; and I knew the main color had to be light grey.  Originally, we talked about Mr. D occupying this space but since it's open (no door but a half wall), I knew it would be a challenge for him to keep it clean and clutter free.  So, it was decided I would have my own little space (doing my happy girl dance)!

Coming up with the design plan was fairly easy, once the ball starting rolling.  I made some minor changes here and there.  I'm a visual person so deciding on the best design plan was eating at me until I could commit to the perfect look.   For the upper cabinets (48 inches tall),  I toyed with the idea of partial glass doors but then it started to look like a kitchen and that, I did not want!  I knew I wanted open shelving to store decorative objects and books, lots of counter space and drawer space.

The jumping off point for this project was the wallpaper.  It had the colors I envisioned for this space.  And, I jumped at the chance to incorporate some gold hardware to my design.  To play up a more feminine look, I also incorporated a blush color. 

While the space is not fully complete, the major work is done.  What's left?  The perfect chair (have my eye on one), a window treatment, an accent chair and table and maybe an accent rug.  Oh, and a new laptop is on my list.

I couldn't be happier with my new home office and enjoy "my feminine space".  I had the pleasure of decorating it exactly how I wanted.  I didn't have to worry about compromising on the look because it's a space I don't have to share (lol). 

Without any further delay, take a tour of my new space!

Here are some of the highlights of the space: brushed bronze hardware from Top Knobs,
feminine prints, decorative objects and books.  I rolled up some extra wallpaper and placed it in a white caged basket.

Mr. D added this trim to divide the different spaces and wall color.  He did a fantastic job!

Champagne finish light fixture with amber colored crystals

fashion illustration (by the talented Anum Tariq) and print with vintage accessories

The larger frame purchased at IKEA, which I painted in soft pink (by Benjamin Moore). 

Ikea magazine holders.  I painted them in Martha Stewart, metallic bronze and one in Benjamin Moore's Soft Pink

Shelves displaying decorative vases, candles, fashion and home books

Mini (18k) gold dot dish in pink via Gretel
Gold and acrylic stapler and tape dispenser via Design Darling

Started my filing (folders purchased from the Container Store)

Cabinets: Closets by Design

Hardware: Top Knobs (Somerset cup pulls in brushed bronze; pulls in Additions collection; bronze collection knob).  I ordered them from Kuche & Cucina in Paramus, NJ

Wallpaper:  Astek Wallcoverings/Mood Living (370326).  Purchased from Eades Discount Wallpaper (best price I found)

Light Fixture:  Savoy House 4-light in oxidized silver finish (designed by Federico Martinez).  Purchased from Krell Lighting in NJ

Fashion IllustrationsAnum Tariq (love her designs!)

Telegraphic print: Glitter LOVE print by Prettychicsf; Coco Chanel quote print via Glitz Papier

Accessories:  White ceramic SALONG vases (IKEA); ombre pink vase (Urban Outfitters); gold vase (Marshalls); white porcelain jar (on desk) via H&M Home; white metal wire basket (via H&M Home); round gold mirror tray (HomeGoods); pink speckled drinking glass (antique store in PA)

Books:  Fashion and Home books via Barnes and Noble

If you have any questions regarding any other items or further details, please feel free to reach out to me.  Thanks for stopping by.

Stay tuned for future updates on my home office.



  1. Beautiful!!
    Are you an interior decorator?

  2. Jo, you have done it again. I love it, this space is so you!!! Beautiful!!