Monday, February 29, 2016


1. Orbit Sphere - Z. Gallerie; 2. Golden Fist - CB2; 3.  Marble Tray - Williams Sonoma Home; 4.  A Well-Dressed Gentleman's book - Barnes and Noble; 5. L'Objet Croc Rectangular Box - Williams Sonoma Home; love the tray version here; 6.  Exotic Wood and Brass Box, Black Zebrawood - Williams Sonoma Home; 7.  Hide and Wood box (purchased but no longer available); 8.  Luxury Toys book - Barnes and Noble; 9.  Georgia Orb - Jonathan Adler (I think the males would appreciate this); 10.  Small Horn Sculpture - Jonathan Adler; 11.  GQ Men - Barnes and Noble; 12.  Pocket Watch Clocks - Pottery Barn; 13.  Classic Glass Bath Decanter - Pottery Barn; 14; Abstract Marble Sculpture - Williams Sonoma Home; 15.  The World According to Karl - Barnes and Noble

Apologies - This post was supposed to go live on Friday when I realized my updates were not saved!  I had to revert to draft and bring it to you today.  So, for those of you who caught it and then noticed it disappeared, now you know why (lol).

Monday is a fresh start!

With our bedroom make-over in progress, one decorating challenge has been styling my husband’s nightstand.  One thing to note, the hubs is a simple and low key, kinda guy.  Which left me thinking . . . what do men have on their nightstand?  And, more importantly, how should his bedside table look??  So, I asked my hubby what he would like to see on his nightstand?  His response?  “I don’t need anything – just my cell phone”.  Then, I asked myself, well . . what do I think would go nicely on his nightstand and function as well. 

For women, a pretty candle, vase, tray, decorative box, floral arrangement and/or picture frame would complete our look.  Since my husband’s style is simple and non-specific, I decided to go for a cleaner look but with a masculine flair.  

When decorating/styling a bedside table for him, first think about his necessities.  Does he like to read at night?  Does he wear or need glasses when getting up in the morning?  Does he like to have a glass of water by his bedside?  For example, a tray with these necessities can be a great starting point.  Most of us, having matching table lamps and alarm clock radios (yes, we still use alarm clock radios and my husband has his phone as a backup alarm).  To make it more personal, another item to add could be a picture frame of the family or just the happy couple.  Depending on the size of your bedside table, you can also add an accessory (a sphere, pottery vase or a small accessory).  Does he care about fashion and style?  There are great fashion books for males that would complement the nightstand.  Other options such as sports, photography, cars, etc.  Making his side of the table will balance what you have on your side; creating a beautiful space.

So happy to share with you, updates to our master bedroom makeover; specifically, styling his side of the bed.  Again, the d├ęcor is simple but accentuating that masculine flair with a couple of key pieces, completed the look.  Texture was one key element.  

Plenty of space left to add his cell phone or a coaster for any drinks.

I purchased this hide and box on sale from Williams Sonoma home (sold out but tray option available and on sale here).  It was the perfect size to store items he doesn’t need on a day to day basis.  Surprisingly, he doesn’t wear a watch but has a couple of nice ones that I stored away but still accessible, should he need it.  The color was also perfect; pulling from the gray tones around the room.  

Another masculine item purchased was this Golden Fist from CB2.  I love the sculptural design and the gold tone balances the gold tones I have on my side of the bed.  Here’s a funny story . . . after purchasing and decorating his table (without him knowing what I bought), I was curious to get his reaction.  I think it was either one evening or one morning, I heard him sing, “Fist Pump in the morning” / “Fist Pump in the evening” and was actually fist pumping the piece.  I cracked up laughing!  He said, “I actually like this piece”.  Whoo hoo (with a sense of relief and accomplishment)!!  To layer this look, I added a large book, creating depth and height.  

fist pump . . .

A small picture of us, from our wedding day is also displayed to balance and complete the overall look.  My sister gave this to us as a gift.  I love and will always cherish this piece.  It has been moved to several decorating spots in our home.

When decorating, be creative.  Add personal touches and functional pieces that work for you (and him).  And, most of all, enjoy your space!

Thanks for stopping by and look forward to sharing with you, the entire master bedroom tomorrow.  Stay tuned!


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