Monday, June 29, 2015


Hi.  I can't believe it's been over two weeks since my last post (sorry readers).  Work, commuting and home have been occupying my time.

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.  Ours was a wash, with rain the entire weekend.  But, the advantage was being able to get projects done, inside the house.  My husband has been working on our master bathroom; re-grouting the shower and floor surround.  No easy task but will be happy once it's done and cleaned up.

I've been working on the design for our guest room.  I wanted the space to be fitting for both male and female.  It started off with black, white and natural.  But, after staring at the space it was just a "blah" room.  Last week I found some pink pillow covers at IKEA and decided to incorporate some pink in the design.  Nothing to extreme but just enough to add some interest. Which left me thinking.  Is it okay to add pink to a unisex guest room??  Hell yeah - why not!

Not convinced?  Let's take a look at some gorgeous males, fashionably stylish in pink:

image via

image via Lookastic

image via the

Leonardo DiCaprio in the Great Gatsby (image via

image via

 Here's my design plan thus far:

Last on the list are window treatments.  I'm searching for fabric shades that won't break the bank.  Ugh, I wish I knew how to sew.

Looking forward to seeing the completed space.  I'll be sure to share sourcing details on the final project.

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Monday, June 15, 2015


Another Monday (sigh).   And, to top it off - a rainy Monday.   In a way that's fine by me because of the fabulous weekend we had.  The weather was perfect!  Blue skies and sunshine all day.  It feels so good, spending time outdoors.  I embrace these days because we don't get them year round.

Speaking of outdoors, I'm searching for inspiration for our side yard.  I envision and arbor in the space, along with climbing roses and lots of lush greenery.

Roses like these - Constance Spry Roses are so beautiful.  I know it would take a couple of years to get it to my standards (completely covering the arbor).  Something to look forward to.

Image via HGTV

Here are some inspirational photos:

I'm leaning towards a metal arbor as opposed to wood.

There's a little bit of this and a little bit of that I love from all three images (via BHG).  I'm swooning over the climbing roses.

via Southern Style

Stay tuned to see how this next project turns out!


Monday, June 1, 2015

HOME OFFICE DESIGN UPDATE: Chair and Accessories

Hi!  Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and warm weather.  Yesterday's weather was a wash, with massive amounts of heavy rain.  Well, it's Back to a full and busy work week for me.

For those of you that follow my blog, you know I have been working on my home office for a year or so.  My last post (seen here), I revealed the design, minus the office chair.  Well, I'm happy to report, the chair FINALLY arrived!! After having ordered the chair, back in November, and dealing with delay upon delay, I'm delighted to be sitting on it, as we speak (lol).  Believe me - I was not happy, waiting so long because of someone else's error.  Because of the inconvenience, I did receive a discount.

In addition to the new chair, I have been adding new accessories to the space.  There's still more I'd like to incorporate: a new window treatment (i.e., a fabric shade); possibly a new wall color (in a soft pink); and, more books to add to the shelving.

Take a look at the space now:

Monty enjoying the new chair (and posing for the camera).

A close up shot shows the two fabrics.  

The fabric on the seat is standard but I added a custom look to the back of the chair from fabric I purchased separately.
Chair by Bernhardt, purchased at Safavieh (semi custom).

This small etagere is a vintage piece I purchased last year.  It goes perfectly in the space and underneath the window.  Accessories in a mix of new and old (vintage), compliment the space.

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