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I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say there are hundreds of interior design and decorating books on the market today.  It seems like everyone is layering their best coffee table books and posting pictures on Instagram.  It's that added layer in making your space fab!

If you follow interior designer and blogger, Erin Gates of Elements of Style, she recently launched her new book, Elements of Style Designing A Home & A Life (she's currently on her book tour).  Let me just say, this book  is one to have in your home!  And, I'll tell you why (btw, my opinion is my own). 

First, let's talk about the design of the book itself.  It's classic black and white look with gold is stunning.  The stripes and floral pattern (and of course some leopard) are elements that make this book so attractive.  I love everything about this book; even the size; not too big and not too small.  Even if you don't follow Erin on her blog, a trip to the bookstore and seeing it on the shelf will definitely grab your attention.  

You can tell how much work Erin put into making this book her own.  Like she said, there isn't anything like it out there on the market.  This book is so organized (and you know how much I love organization).  The contents are organized by room and it starts off with the entry and ends with the sunroom and outdoor spaces.  And, with the introduction to each space, a sectional cover page is decorated in different pattern and design (genius).  She shows us designs from her own home as well as some of her clients.

One room I absolutely love, is a living room design with touches of pale pink.  I am gaga over the color palette!  Those wing back chairs and chevron pillows are EVERYTHING!! I envy the person who is enjoying this space.  Here's the room:

Image via

I'm almost done reading the book;  I'm not just looking at the pretty pictures.  I love Erin's stories and humor.  I was fortunate to meet Erin and her husband, Andrew at a book signing on Thursday evening.  It was held at Canvas Home Store in NYC (which is a great store).  The Gates couple are such an amazing pair.  Andrew was chatting with everyone on line and Erin was engaging before getting down to business.  They make such a cute couple and it's crazy that we know so much about them by reading her blog.  The blogging world has made it so popular for women like Erin to get such recognition.  She is truly inspiring; as an interior designer and as a person.  It was such a great experience!

The happy and hawt couple!

I arrived at the Canvas Home Store early, so that I could check out the store before the book signing.  I purchased a few items and received a promotional discount (yay)!

Dauville Charcoal Pebble Dish in Gold (view details online)

This piece I will add to my bedroom redesign

Dauville Bottle Coaster in Gold (detail online).  But there are many uses for this item around your home; i.e., a candy dish, change dish, small jewelry items or a candle. 

So, if you don't own a copy of Erin's new book, it's a must to add to your collection; or to give as a gift.  You can purchase through Amazon or find at Barnes and Noble.


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