Thursday, November 21, 2013


Continuing with the next phase of our dining room project (almost a year later) was finding the perfect rug.

I knew I wanted a low pile rug but didn't want a sisal rug.  I wanted something different that would add interest to the space, while still flowing with the rest of the space.  I searched for months; visiting different stores, looking through magazines and surfing the web to find the perfect rug to catch my eye.

One evening, while catching up on my fellow bloggers' posts, I was reading AM Dolce Vita's post.  Michelle at AM Dolce Vita posted a couple of rugs she purchased on her blog (see post here and here ).  Michelle raved about a company called Rugs U.S.A..  The rugs she purchased were good quality (great choices Michelle) and the pictures on the web were pretty accurate.  Michelle lives in Canada and gave a thumbs up to Rugs USA.  The deals she got really grabbed my attention.  And, how can you not trust Michelle and her taste.  Have you seen her home!!  I get excited to see her design projects because she has a great eye for design. 

So, I jumped on Rugs USA site to see if they had anything that would work for my dining room. While browsing through hundreds of rugs, I noticed that some pictures showed what the rug actually looked like; as opposed to a computer image. I usually hesitate on making big purchases through websites without seeing them in person. I didn't want to have to deal with returning a rug. 

Continuing my search on Rugs USA, I found a rug that caught my eye. It was the Marquis Chevron Natural Rug here.  What caught my eye was the design; a chevron pattern, cowhide rug. It was a thin rug, just like I wanted and the colors were just what I was looking for.  I decided to take a chance and purchase the rug. When I went to click on my size, it said "sold out"!  Ugh. It wasn't meant to be and my search continued. While searching around for another rug, my thoughts kept going back to that rug!  After a few months later, I checked again and it was available!  I immediately ordered it (with 50% off and free shipping).

I couldn't wait to see it in person and hoped it was what everything that I hoped it would be. When it arrived on my front porch I dragged it in and ripped the plastic open.  I was thrilled by the look and design in person!  It was perfect.  It even has a felt backing.

Here are some pics of the rug and how it looks in the dining room.  I couldn't be happier!



Thanks again to my fellow bloggers for giving me the inspiration to complete our dining room. Well, it's not totally complete. The next piece is a mirror to place in between the cabinets.  Still haven't found "the one".

If you are shopping for a new rug, I would suggest checking out Rugs USA here   They have a large selection of rugs, from traditional to contemporary, natural fibers, outside rugs and more.  The prices are great as well!



  1. Thanks for teh shout-out Jo Ann! Your new hide rug looks amazing. I love your dining chairs as well.

  2. You're so welcome Michelle! Thanks again.

  3. Thanks for share about benefits of a rugs on the home. I love Moroccan Rugs. They make the room so cozy!