Monday, July 6, 2009

Tackling another project . . .

So, we have a ThermaTru entry door and needed to find someone who can stain it for us. Where we purchased the door, the salesperson said a professional needs to stain it and it would cost $600! I really didn't and couldn't pay someone $600 to stain the door. Thank goodness for Therma Tru's website and a staining kit you can purchase and do yourself. I watched the video and decided, hey, I think I can do this. It looked simple enough. The kit comes with everything you need (dvd, brushes, gloves, stirring sticks, sample boards, rags, etc). I think the total cost with shipping was $92.00. I was willing to take the risk.

I ordered the kit stain in walnut on Wednesday and it arrived on Saturday! My husband bbm'd me, while I was at HomeGoods and told me. I was so psyched I wanted to rush home. But, hey, I was at HomeGoods and wasn't done shopping! I started the project bright and early, the next morning. All and all, it wasn't that bad. I think the worst part was cleaning the door and taping it up. The kit says you can finish this project in a day but it took me a day and a 1/2. It wasn't completely dry to apply the topcoat.

I'm pretty happy with the results. Not sure how much better a professional would have done.
Take a look . . .

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  1. Looks fantastic and I'm so glad you didn't pay the $600! Crazy!