Thursday, May 29, 2014


One luxury I treat myself to, is the hair salon.  I make an appointment about every three months for a cut and color.  As I'm getting older, I need a little touch up on some gray hairs that are making themselves known. 
A few years ago, I went through chemo therapy and lost a good chunk of my hair, so I'm very grateful to having hair again and making sure I take care of it.  I go to a great hair salon a few towns from where I live called Panico Salon & Spa.  When I go, one of the perks of getting pampered is having my hair washed (and massaged).  On one appointment, while I was getting my hair washed, I was drawn to this incredible smell coming from my scalp! I wish there was a scratch and sniff on websites, just so you smell it, as your reading my post (lol).  It felt creamy and very foamy (like a luxury bath for my hair).  The smell was so soft and relaxing.  I had to have that shampoo!!  The products used are from Davines, the Oi line.
I will warn you, this is the most I have EVER spent on shampoo and conditioner (about $25 for the shampoo and more for the conditioner).  My splurge was Aveda products but this one takes the cake.  Thankfully, a little goes a long way and I make sure this baby lasts me a while.  I'm happy to report, the first bottle of shampoo has lasted about four months and I still have plenty of the conditioner.
So, I had to look up Davines to see what was in this bottle of heaven.  The natural active ingredient is Roucou oil.  What is roucou oil?  Here's the definition:
(Bixa orellana)It is a plant from Amazonia, also known as Annatto. Very rich in beta-carotene (100 times more than carrots) it has a restructuring action on hair and favors its growth. Stimulates the production of melanin and considerably reduces cell damage from UV radiation, prevents ageing, maintains skin elasticity and is rich in trace elements. Rich in ellagic acid, known for its neutralizing power against free radicals.
The Oi shampoo and conditioner are pure luxury.  When I rinse my hair, I don't feel any build up or waxy film.  A little of the conditioner, leaves my hair silky smooth.

If you want to splurge, I encourage you to give these products a try.  You might become addicted like me!


Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Anyone who knows me, knows I'm obsessed with candles.  I did a post a while back about my candle obsession.  But for those who are fearful of having a lit candle around the house (like the hubby is); have small children at home; want the smell to continue, even when you're not home or just don't like the smell of a blown out candle, there are great alternatives to choose from.  You can still enjoy your favorite scents throughout your home with room sprays or diffusers.

One of my favorites is from Voluspa in the Baltic Amber scent.  I have their room spray and have had it for a while now.  Just one or two sprays is all you need because a little goes a long way. 

Voluspa Baltic Amber diffuser - Bloomingdales

A new favorite of mine and my latest obsession is from Sabon NYC.  I purchased their room spray in the Linen scent.  This has to be the best linen smell EVER!  I am obsessed and can't wait to purchase a couple for my sister and mom to try.  It's the perfect time of year to spray this around your home with the windows open.  There's nothing like a clean, good smelling home with fresh air circulating throughout your house.  I just love this time of year.

Linen room spray - Sabon

Love the cute packaging

Another product I purchased is their Aroma Reed Diffuser in their signature scent: Patchouli Lavender Vanilla.  Besides loving their signature scent, the diffuser bottle is beautiful!  Even the box is beautiful.  And Sabon takes pride in their packaging and design.  They even put a little ribbon around the wooden sticks.  This makes a lovely gift for a birthday, home welcoming or holiday.

The Sabon Aroma Reed Diffuser in Patchouli Lavender and Vanilla. 
Currently sold out online but I was able to purchase mine at the store
Another product from their Aromatics line, and on my list to try is their Atomizer Room Sprays.  I love the atomizer; so classic and feminine. I can see this displayed in a bathroom vanity or dressing table.  If you have luxury walk in closet, you can display this on a shelf or table.

Sabon room spray

You can choose from the following scents:  Amber, Vanilla, Patchouli, Linen or Musk. 

Which are some of your favorite room sprays?


Tuesday, May 27, 2014


For this week's color inspiration, I'm talking about the color brown.  I have to give credit to Mr. D.  I asked him to pick a color (not knowing what I needed it for) and he said brown.  I decided to run with that color because I immediately was inspired by this color and wanted to share with you.

Now, brown may sound boring and dull but brown is a color that doesn't get enough credit. 

When I think of brown of I think of nature; the earth.  What do some of us do this time of year?  I'll give you a hint . . . it requires us being outside . . .

For the Home
Planting . . .
Our new River Birch Tree planted in the front of our home
Dirt pathway and mulch beds @ Eisele's Nursery, Paramus, NJ

Gardening . . .
Brown mulch adds a nice contrast to our plantings (image from our backyard)
Even though brown is a dull and dark color, it's a very rich color and contrasts beautifully with lighter colors.  Let's take a look:

Oh, how I love a brown shingle house!  (image via Home Bunch)
A dark wooden desk, brown lamp and brown leather chair go nicely
with all the white trim in this room (image via Home Bunch)
Carry About Vase/Global Views via Interior Homescapes
Image Wooden floors
How about a nice cup of coffee?  A rich, brown French roast or espresso are my favorites.
Coffee bean image via Huffington Post/Porcelain and gold plated coffee mug via Etsy
Beauty and Fashion
Brown hair and brown eyed beauty, Penelope Cruz (image via Wanderlust Salon)

Bobbi Brown Raw Sugar Shimmer Brick Eye Palette in brown tones

Signature Gucci logo ballerina flats - Neiman Marcus
Classic Brown and White Henri Bendel logo
Cameron Diaz in a classic summer look . . . white outfit with a brown leather belt
(image via Design Darling)

Monday, May 26, 2014


Remembering those men and women who died while serving in their country in the armed forces.  Enjoy today in celebration with family and friends.
Park in Westwood, NJ


Friday, May 23, 2014


image via Frontgate

Well, I hope your Friday is better than mine.  Woke up to a dead car and had to get it jumped and taken to the dealership.  I hope it's just a dead battery and nothing more serious  . . . or expensive.  I'll be cruising around in the loaner this weekend and looking forward to spending time with family and friends.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!


Thursday, May 22, 2014


If you follow my blog, you know I've mentioned, my love for candles.  So, I wanted to share my new candle, purchased this past weekend. 

Mr. D and I attended the Nyack Street Festival over the weekend in Nyack, New York.  It's such a great place to visit.  Lots of cute shops and antique stores and restaurants.  And, it's by the water . . . doesn't get any better than that.  There were over 250 vendors selling items from crafts to candles to jewelry and foods.

Of course, I stopped at every candle vendor.  One, in particular stopped me in my tracks.  Company is called New York Candlesmith.  The woman there showed me how she makes these pieces of art, I like to call them.  It's a process of wax dipping, using an array of colors and carving each candle to a beautiful design.  I told her they were too pretty to burn.  She agreed.  When she was talking about the process, you can tell how passionate she was about this product.   She loves what she does.  How many of us can say, we LOVE our job. 

After deciding on what color to pick, I found one that goes with the décor in our family room.  Here's what the hubby bought for me!

I don't think I will be burning this beauty.  I was told I could burn it a little ways and then add a tea light, so I can still have the candle design.

The company is called New York Candlesmith.  The website is in the works, so keep checking.  It's supposed to launch soon. 


Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I have been looking for a new handbag but wanted something that wasn't going to break the bank, even though the hubs was paying for it (as my birthday present, which was this past March).  I am fortunate to own a few luxury designer handbags that I will cherish for many years to come.  I was looking for a camel or beige colored handbag and knew when I found the right one it would be mine.

One blogger and interior designer I follow, Erin Gates of Elements of Style, posted a bag on Instagram and I loved it.  It was a preview to her design collaboration with GiGi New York, called the Gates Satchel.  The bag was beautifully designed.  Just take a look at Erin modeling the Gates Satchel!

Erin and her Gates Sachtel . . . two beauties.

While I love the bag, I was looking for something with a strap as well.  I decided to browse the website to check out their other handbags.  The one I kept going back to was the Hayden Satchel.  One of the great things about their website, is the different viewing options; they use a silhouette model to give you an idea of the size of the bag.  Great for me, since I'm a visual person.  And, since their flagship store is in Southhampton, New York, I knew traveling out there wasn't an option.  Yet, I was hesitant about buying it online, without trying it out and seeing it in person.  I also wanted to feel the quality. 

A few weeks ago, GiGi was selling a selection of their handbags at Henri Bendel's.  I work within a short distance to Bendel's and decided to take a walk to check out their line.  While they didn't have the Gates handbag (too new, as it was literally launched the day of), they did have the Hayden Satchel in the Sand color that I was eyeing.  I fell in love with the details and the option of the strap to carry over your shoulder, as a cross body bag, under your wrist or to carry in your hand.  The embossed python design and gold hardware are beautifully done.  After looking at a few other ones, I went back to the Hayden.  And, I was able to get $75.00 off for shopping at Bendel's that day (a store event they were having).  Score!

Check out my new handbag! 

This bag has many compartments for all your accessories.  What I also love about this handbag is that it's not heavy!  I have back problems, so starting off with a heavy bag is not good for me.

Want to see more from GiGi New York, check out their website here.  These are some of my favorites:

Black Gates Satchel

Iris Leather Clutch/Embossed Python.  They have other fun colors to choose from

Sand Cross-Body Bag/Embossed Python

Tangerine Elle Cross-body/Pebble Grain.  Kinda reminds me of the Hermes bag
Nina Griscom line:  Lily Tote British Tan/Calfskin Leather.  Little more pricey but a lovely design


Tuesday, May 20, 2014


With warmer weather days ahead, it's time for pedicured footsies to make their debut in the current trend . . . the caged sandal.

You can pair this look with cropped pants, maxi skirts or your favorite skinny jeans.  Here are some of my favorites!

Sam Edelman Almira

Criss cross high heel sandal - Zara

Woven ankle boot sandal - Zara

Vince Camuto 'Jillie' Bootie - Nordstrom
Madden Girl Debbra Sandal - Belk

Amazon Roccia Elaphe - Aquazurra

Beverly Hills Nude - Aquazzura

Beverly Hills 75 - Electric Blue Suede (in a shorter heel) - Aquazurra

Monday, May 19, 2014


This week's inspiration color is white.  When you think of this color, you think clean and crisp.  When you see white, it's bright and fresh looking.  Style wise, it ranges from modern to romantic; from traditional to contemporary.

There are many shades of white that compliment other color tones.  Let's take a look at some inspirational photos where white takes center stage:

I love a plantation style home.  Here's Nottoway Plantation (image credit)

Beautiful white design (columns, trim, door and planters).  Miller & Wright Architects

White trim and beautiful molding details.  French Inspired home via Home Bunch
The dark wood warms the all white space. French inspired home via Home Bunch

White kitchen design by Amy Studebaker
Crisp white sheets displayed in this lovely bedroom via Pinto Designs and Associates
Tiffany Eastman Interiors
Alexander-James Interiors.  I absolutely LOVE this space!
Interiorzine shows a more modern look.

Traditional Home

White accessories  for the home - West Elm
White peonies via Mondo Floral Designs

Snow in Summer Stepables (growing nicely around our mailbox)

David Beckham in a crisp white shirt.  Need I say more? (image via)

Sweet nursery in shades of white with creams via The Virginia House