Tuesday, May 27, 2014


For this week's color inspiration, I'm talking about the color brown.  I have to give credit to Mr. D.  I asked him to pick a color (not knowing what I needed it for) and he said brown.  I decided to run with that color because I immediately was inspired by this color and wanted to share with you.

Now, brown may sound boring and dull but brown is a color that doesn't get enough credit. 

When I think of brown of I think of nature; the earth.  What do some of us do this time of year?  I'll give you a hint . . . it requires us being outside . . .

For the Home
Planting . . .
Our new River Birch Tree planted in the front of our home
Dirt pathway and mulch beds @ Eisele's Nursery, Paramus, NJ

Gardening . . .
Brown mulch adds a nice contrast to our plantings (image from our backyard)
Even though brown is a dull and dark color, it's a very rich color and contrasts beautifully with lighter colors.  Let's take a look:

Oh, how I love a brown shingle house!  (image via Home Bunch)
A dark wooden desk, brown lamp and brown leather chair go nicely
with all the white trim in this room (image via Home Bunch)
Carry About Vase/Global Views via Interior Homescapes
Image Wooden floors
How about a nice cup of coffee?  A rich, brown French roast or espresso are my favorites.
Coffee bean image via Huffington Post/Porcelain and gold plated coffee mug via Etsy
Beauty and Fashion
Brown hair and brown eyed beauty, Penelope Cruz (image via Wanderlust Salon)

Bobbi Brown Raw Sugar Shimmer Brick Eye Palette in brown tones

Signature Gucci logo ballerina flats - Neiman Marcus
Classic Brown and White Henri Bendel logo
Cameron Diaz in a classic summer look . . . white outfit with a brown leather belt
(image via Design Darling)

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