Wednesday, May 14, 2014


During my web browsing and Etsy shopping recently, I came across fashion illustrator, Anum Tariq.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her fashion illustrations.  These handmade illustrations are so fun, fashionable and feminine.  What an amazing talent! 

After staring and debating about which one to purchase first (and definitely not last), I chose this one for my new office space at work:

Fashion Illustration Print, Pink Dress
Well, I received it in the mail yesterday and it's even more lovely in person.  Just look at the glittered bracelets . . . such a nice touch. 
I had the perfect white frame to put it in and took it to work the next day.  I've settled in a newly renovated floor so I was eager to add this piece to my new space.  Here it is on display, beautifully set up on my desk. 

I LOVE IT!  I received so many compliments from people passing by my desk.  The Partner I work for noticed immediately and said the picture resembles me a little.  I told him, if only I was that fabulous!  He said I was plenty fabulous.  I can say, my work area is definitely FAB-U-LOUS now (lol).  Thank you Anum Tariq.  You rock!!

Here are some of my other favorite illustrations:

Spring Sorbet  Love this whole look!
Mary Katzrantzou.  I'll take this dress
Jason Wu, Spring 2012
Black Hat with Gold Leaf
To see more of Anum's illustrations, check out her Etsy shop here.  She also can create a custom look for you! 


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