Thursday, May 29, 2014


One luxury I treat myself to, is the hair salon.  I make an appointment about every three months for a cut and color.  As I'm getting older, I need a little touch up on some gray hairs that are making themselves known. 
A few years ago, I went through chemo therapy and lost a good chunk of my hair, so I'm very grateful to having hair again and making sure I take care of it.  I go to a great hair salon a few towns from where I live called Panico Salon & Spa.  When I go, one of the perks of getting pampered is having my hair washed (and massaged).  On one appointment, while I was getting my hair washed, I was drawn to this incredible smell coming from my scalp! I wish there was a scratch and sniff on websites, just so you smell it, as your reading my post (lol).  It felt creamy and very foamy (like a luxury bath for my hair).  The smell was so soft and relaxing.  I had to have that shampoo!!  The products used are from Davines, the Oi line.
I will warn you, this is the most I have EVER spent on shampoo and conditioner (about $25 for the shampoo and more for the conditioner).  My splurge was Aveda products but this one takes the cake.  Thankfully, a little goes a long way and I make sure this baby lasts me a while.  I'm happy to report, the first bottle of shampoo has lasted about four months and I still have plenty of the conditioner.
So, I had to look up Davines to see what was in this bottle of heaven.  The natural active ingredient is Roucou oil.  What is roucou oil?  Here's the definition:
(Bixa orellana)It is a plant from Amazonia, also known as Annatto. Very rich in beta-carotene (100 times more than carrots) it has a restructuring action on hair and favors its growth. Stimulates the production of melanin and considerably reduces cell damage from UV radiation, prevents ageing, maintains skin elasticity and is rich in trace elements. Rich in ellagic acid, known for its neutralizing power against free radicals.
The Oi shampoo and conditioner are pure luxury.  When I rinse my hair, I don't feel any build up or waxy film.  A little of the conditioner, leaves my hair silky smooth.

If you want to splurge, I encourage you to give these products a try.  You might become addicted like me!


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