Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Hi!  Hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial weekend.  It's nice to have the time off and the weather did not disappoint.

Yes, it's been a while since I have been consistent with blogging.  Let's just say, life kept me busy and my priorities were focused elsewhere.  We have been training Monty, so my time has been dedicated to nightly practice sessions.  There's so many hours, where I can fit things into my evening. 

To be honest, feel guilty spending time away from my little family to blog.  As it stands, blogging is a hobby of mine and not my profession.  The more time I get to spend with them, the more I realize how important life is and how quickly it can pass me by.

So, what have I been up to?  For starters, we are enjoying the outdoors.  I'm taking full advantage of the gorgeous park I have across the street from our home.  After work, I race home to feed Monty and we take our walk in the park. It's also a great opportunity to get some exercise in.  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the beautiful sunset shots I captured.

I love this time of the year and being outside is so relaxing.  Each year, we try to tackle a new project for the home (inside/outside).  My husband recently completed a new addition to the side yard - a pond.

While the side yard is no where near complete, the pond is fully operational and functioning.  When my husband told me he wanted a pond, I didn't care too much for the idea but now I love it.  It's so pretty and the waterfall creates such a tranquil sound.  He did a great job creating this vision; especially being his first time!  This added feature brings more life into our yard.  The little birds are enjoying it and Monty has taken interest (lol).

We recently purchased plants to add to the pond and it's coming along nicely.  Can't wait until it all fills in.  Take a look!

We plan on adding more plantings around the pond.

This side of the house will slowly be transformed.  I envision an arbor covered with roses, a path with stepping stones and a bench to sit by the pond.  Let's see . . .


Monday, May 11, 2015

SHOE TREND: Block-Heel Sandals

Did everyone have a nice weekend?  I had such a busy weekend and still I feel like I didn't accomplish much.  The nice weather was such a nice mood booster. 

A quick thank you to everyone for their support and well wishes for my sister.  She had her biopsy on Friday and wasn't feeling so great afterwards.  But she pulled through and is feeling much better.  I'm so glad I was around to show my support.

The weekend was also my husband's birthday but we weren't able to celebrate (sorry hon).  We had to attend a First Communion party and yesterday we spent Mother's Day with his mom.  I was not able to travel to see my mom but hope to see her soon.

On today's post, I wanted to share with you my current interest in block-heel sandals.  I happened to pass a woman, who works at Nordstrom - she had the prettiest block-heel sandals, to go with her shift dress.

I love this current trend because of the simple fact, they're sandals I would be able to walk in all day long.  Because of my commute to and from NYC, I travel in flats and carry my heels around.  Purchasing a pair of block-heel sandals would save me some trouble of carrying another item (and help my back from carrying too many things).

There are many designers to choose from.  Here are a few that caught my eye:

Block-Heel Ankle strap sandals - Zara (also seen below on model)

Chloe Two-Tone Block-Heel Sandal (see below pic as seen on model)

Neiman Marcus

Vince Block Heel Sandal (Nordstrom)
Haglyn Ankle Strap Heels - Nine West

Johnston Murphy Laney Quarter Strap

Image credit:  Merrick's Art

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

CINCO DE MAYO: Healthy Recipes

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!  Today, I'm also celebrating my anniversary at work. Whoot. Whoot!

If your plans are to stay home and celebrate, here are some delicious looking recipes, inspired by Cinco de Mayo.  And, they are on the healthy side!

Sweet Potato, Black Bean and Kale Quesadillas

One of my favorite Mexican dishes are quesadillas.  This recipe is not your standard quesadillas but looks so good.  This vegetarian dish is something I definitely have try making!

You can find the recipe via Cookie Monster Cooking (love the name).

Chicken, Chickpea and Mango Salad with Cumin Dressing

Via Cookie Monster Cooking

This colorful and healthy dish is perfect for salad lovers.  I prefer my red onions finely chopped.

Clean Eating Cilantro Salsa

Recipe via The Gracious Pantry

I love anything made with cilantro.  This salsa recipe is making my mouth water!  This would go great with shrimp or chicken.  And, of course, tortilla chips.

Grilled Shrimp Tacos

Recipe via Real Simple
These grilled shrimp tacos are small and great for a light dinner.  You can skip the sour cream (which I would) for a healthier version.  I would create a nice lime vinaigrette for this dish.



Monday, May 4, 2015

THE ILL-FAVORED "C" WORD: Sharing a Story of Love and Faith

Hello bloggers/readers.  Hope you all enjoyed the weekend and the spring time weather that graced us. I love this time of year because I get to spend more time outside.  But, the weekends do go by in a heartbeat and I dread the week ahead.

Today I want to share a story - my sister's story of empowerment and the willingness to remain positive.   You see, she is faced with another dreadful chapter in her life . . . cancer.  The cancer that could.  The cancer that won't quit.  The cancer that tests her strength, both emotionally and physically.  My sister, Rose Angel, is a two time, cancer survivor (ovarian cancer).  She received some upsetting news a couple of weeks ago, from her doctor.  The words, "CT scan shows more growth."  Not the kind of news you want to hear.  I know how much she dreaded and feared hearing those words.  Her heart skips a beat every time she had to go for her routine CT scans.

When I heard the news I was a sobbing mess because it took me to a place I did not want to go.  You see . . . my sister is my EVERYTHING.  Our sisterly bond is something I hold dear to my heart.  To see her have to go through this again, is heartbreaking.  It makes me angry that her body won't stop producing these cancer cells; that her treatment drug is not working anymore.   Rose Angel is faced with making important decisions, as far as the next step.  But, she's going into this with the another "C" word . . Conviction!  She is ready to fight again and is thankful for options.

While reflecting, she was inspired to create a card that I wanted to share with you.  It symbolizing love and faith.

If you have a loved one fighting cancer or you, yourself are battling this disease,  I encourage you to read her story here.  It's such an inspiring post that needs to be shared.  I faced my own battle with cancer a few years ago (gestational trophoblastic disease) and sometimes I felt alone; even though I had the love and support of family and friends.  Only those that have gone through cancer themselves can relate to the feeling.  A feeling of battling with your body and trying to gain full control.

Love and Faith are in my sister's corner.  I'm right behind them, with encouragement, support and open arms.

One of the ways I plan on showing my support, is by purchasing the Love and Faith card.  A portion of the proceeds will be going to National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC).   It would mean so much, if you could show your support by purchasing a card (available in the coming weeks) through her Etsy shop.  This lady has some talent; and I'm not just saying that because she's my sister.

Thank you so much for stopping by.  A special thank you to all my friends, who have cared so much for my sister and wish her all the best.  It means so much to me and my family and, of course, Rose Angel.

Rose Angel will be undergoing a biopsy procedure this Friday - fingers crossed it's a successful one.