Friday, July 10, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things . . .

Okay, now I'm singing to the Sound of Music (haha)

It used to be my favorite things were clothes, makeup and shoes. Now that we have our new home, I'm consumed with thoughts about decorating for the home! What style do I want to go with? What colors do I think will look good in that room? Do I like that table? Do I like that mirror? Will I love it later on?

I have to take a "time out" and focus on one room at a time. Even though I would love to have everything done at once (because the mess is getting to me). But, hey . . . working on a project is fun and exciting. Your creating this room with your vision! (That's what I tell myself).
My mind gets pumped up when I see a chair or an accent piece and figure out how I can work this into a design. I'll save it on my computer and wait a few weeks. This helps me figure out whether I still like it or to continue my search. Sometimes my ideas go in another direction. I exhaust myself!

So, here are a few of my favorite things:

Candice, oh, Candice, why do you haunt me with your amazing designs!

I love this Pyper chair for our master bedroom. The price kills me (about $1700).

Here's another item I like to go over the chest we have in our bedroom. I thought it was cute and the price is right. Well, right now, it's unavailable (backordered until . . . ?)

I guess it would help if I posted some pics of our bedroom.

Need something to go over the bed but not sure what. . .

I'm also looking for a bench (the one we have is temporary).

Another piece I'm eyeing is the Daniella chest from Pottery Barn. I would love this piece just past our foyer. It's the perfect size for our space. A silver oval mirror would look great right above. Still haven't found the right silver mirror. The chest is priced at $599 so I'm hoping for a sale soon.

Here's where I'm thinking . . .
More ideas to come . . .

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  1. LOL! I love that movie! I hear ya, it was all about the makeup and clothes and then bam, it's all about the house now. I love the chest from pottery barn, think it would look lovely in your home!