Tuesday, November 19, 2013

TURN IT UP TUESDAYS . . . Folk Rock; Alternative Country

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On this week's Turn it Up Tuesdays, I want to share with you one of my favorite artists, Patty Griffin.   Her genre of music is folk style singing/country alternative.  Griffin's sound is a mix of mellow songs with a high tempo of rock and roll songs.

Griffin is an American Grammy award-winning singer/song writer. Her talents don't stop there.  She is also a guitarist and pianist.  Griffin was inspired by her mother growing up, who sang all the time.

Griffin began singing at the age of 12 but had no inclination to set out to become a professional musician.  It wasn't until she was divorced that she started singing in coffee shops and was scouted by A&M Records.  The rest is history.

Griffin is such a humble woman.  Her voice is . . . angelic.  She sends me to a place that's hypnotic and mesmerizing.  Some of her songs bring tears to my eyes.  For example, Heavenly Day is a love song that was written for her dog(s).  How sweet is that!

Her song writing and performances are real.  She opens up her heart and lets it all out for us to hear. Another favorite of mine, Up to the Mountain, was a song she wrote that was inspired by Martin Luther's King's speech, Up to the Mountain speech. 

One of her albums, American Kid, was dedicated to her father, who passed away a few years before.
You can watch the interview here

Griffin has written many songs that were recorded by artists such as Bette Midler, the Dixie Chicks, Jessica Simpson, Miranda Lambert and many, many others.  Her songs have been in film, television and theater.  Everyone wants a piece of Patty Griffin's talent.

Here are some of my other favorite songs by the talented Patty Griffin:

Someone Else's Tomorrow

Faithful Son

Ohio, featuring Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin)

Griffin is an artist you should definitely add to your playlist, if you haven't already.



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