Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Happy Hump day all!  Man o man . . . these past few days have been tough . . . trying to fight a sickness (maybe the flu). Ironically, I'm scheduled to get my flu shot today at work but that appointment is moot now. 

There's nothing like a great outfit to put me in a better mood (lol).  Today's look is from Boden USA.  The company is designed in Great Britain.  I always get their catalog in the mail but whenever I pull the trigger to order something, they sell out of my size or I just forget to refer back to that store.  While looking through their latest October issue, I folded some apparel that I'm adding to my want list.

Here are two looks I put together.  One is a casual look and one is business casual.

Garland Blouse; Mohair Mix Biker Cardigan; Ponte Roma Pant in Charcoal;
Flat T-Bar Point flats in Grey Zebra

Paris Blouse; Alice Jacket (on sale); Bistro Crop Trouser (navy); Jackie Heels; Draycott Bag

To see more fashion apparel, head on over to Boden USA here

Happy shopping!


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