Friday, September 19, 2014


Note:  So, it's Thursday night for me, as I'm writing this post and dealing with an upset stomach.  I hate feeling sick; it takes so much out of me.  Going to push through this quick post and then head to bed.
image via Charlotte Minty Interior Design blog

Another week completed . . . Yay!  I hope everyone had a good week.  Even though I was busy at work, the days seemed to drag

This weekend I'll be working on my "to do" items around the house.  On Sunday, my mom will be celebrating her birthday.  Sorry I won't be there but I'm hoping she'll enjoy the special gift I'm sending her way.

To end the work week, here are some of my snapshots on instagram (@joann3373).

New mug purchased from HomeGoods.

Beautiful Sunday afternoon; perfect for blogging outside.

Have you see the new Altuzarra for Target line?

Canvas Home giveaway.  Drawing today! Hoping for a win

Love this saying (seen at Barnes & Noble)

My Wardrobe Wednesday look from Zara

All about Narciso Wednesday night at Bloomingdales 59th Street, NYC

New Narciso fragrance exclusive to Bloomies (I think for the first 6 months)

Lucky me to have met him Mr. Rodriguez in person. There was an older woman (senior citizen age), who was first in line (I was the 4th) who hugged and kissed him.  I had to laugh because she is Hispanic (as am I) and I knew that was her nature.  He was so gracious and embraced her right back; such a nice man.  I only had the guts to shake his hand (LOL)!  Could you believe the two women in front of me didn't want to have their picture taken with him.  Were they intimated? Scared? Shy?  I, on the other hand, didn't hesitate (lol).  We all waited over an hour on line . . . I guess we all had our moment (in our own way).  But my thinking was . . . When will I ever have an opportunity like this again?  And, he was so nice! Thanks to the ladies at Bloomies who took the picture for me.  They even held my bags!

I'll share more of my experience and talk about his new scent in another post. 

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