Friday, September 12, 2014


Want to shout it from the rooftops . . . THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!

I'm so relieved to have made it through the work week (with a bad back and all).  Happy to report, I am finally getting some relief.  And, for as much pain I was in, I pushed through the crazy work week.  I find myself sighing a lot to help me get through the stressful day (lol).

Any plans for the weekend?  Mr. D and I are just going to hang with our local Jersey friends, for a dinner night out.  Should be fun!  I'm looking forward to socializing and enjoying an evening out.  The remainder of the weekend, I'm going to take it easy, and work on my "to do list for Fall".  Sad to think the summer is winding down and the holidays are around the corner.

To end the work week, here are some of my snapshots on instagram (@joann3373).

My Sunday blooms - pink roses and eucalyptus

Polka dot towel in Clearwater - West Elm

Monday's post - Inspiration Color of the Week:  Gold

Inspiration Color of the Week:  Gold (Fashion Look)

Wardrobe Wednesday

9/11 Remembrance  (image source).  Will never forget that day.  Worked downtown and saw the twin towers come down in front of my eyes.  Remember that warm summer day, walking home from NYC to Brooklyn, with thousands of others, trying to get home to be with their loved ones.

Accent pieces from my new home office

Have a great weekend everyone!


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