Monday, September 29, 2014


Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend; the weather was unseasonably warm, which was nice.  We attended a funeral, which is always difficult to get through.  I can't begin to tell you how emotional of a day it was.  But, I did enjoy spending time with loved ones and catching up. It makes me really think about the important things; what matters the most in life.

As I try to get back into the groove of things, take a look at today's post on Rooms that Inspire.  I really enjoy looking at room designs, where corner spaces get utilized to the fullest.  If you're looking at some empty corner spaces in your home and unsure how to decorate it, take a look at these inspiration pictures to give you ideas.

Studio M Interiors

Orren Pickell Building Group

Via Sotheby's Homes

Designed by Spinnaker Development
Nest Design Studio
David Michael Miller Associates


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