Sunday, December 16, 2012

Candy Sleigh Project

I saw the candy sleigh idea on Pinterest and decided I would try and create some.  Can I tell you how addicting these sleighs are! Once I got the rhythm, I was on a roll.  I made 25!

I purchased candy canes (different brands and flavors); the mixed bag of Hershey's mini bars and also purchased the holiday Hershey Nuggets (almond and plain); kit kats; ribbon and mini bows.

These were fairly easy to make.  The only tools you need are scissors and a hot glue gun.  You just need a few drops of glue to secure the candy canes and bars into place. 

Once the candy canes are glued to the kit kats (by the way, I decided to wrap my kit kats in nice holiday wrapping paper); you can then start gluing and stacking your bars (4 bars, 3 bars, two and then one).  Tie the ribbon in two sections and finish off with a bow.  Check it out!

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