Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Beginnings


So, I sound like a broken record . . . it's been a while.  Okay, a LONG while.  These past couple of years have been a rollcoaster of ups and downs in my life. 

Dealing with my sister's ovarian cancer and my own cancer shortly thereafter, I'm happy to report we are doing well and thankful for making it through.  I look back and can't believe I have been through A LOT healthwise but look forward to positive things ahead.

My husband, family and friends have been my support team.  I'm truly thankful to have them in my life. 

On that note, let's get back to my blog.  I've have so many updates and will try and post recent projects around the house.

I'll start with our latest project, the dining room.

We moved into our home four years ago and everything is new!  With the exception of the basement, my husband (the Engineer) designed the new house; had the old house torn down.

Decorating a home from scratch is exciting but challenging.  I wanted to get the main rooms done right away.  It's true what they say (whoever "they" are).  You really get a feel for a house or room when you've lived in it for a while.  And, my taste changes every couple of years.

I knew I wanted crown molding in the dining room so that was a project we had on our to do list.  Or, like my husband says, the "honey do list".  The dining room project grew longer when I added a new paint job, chair rail and frames (like wainscoting).  We didn't do the traditional wainscoting because that would mean ripping up the base molding (which is new). 

My inspiration for this project was from Censational Girl blog, where she added wainscoting to her living room.  It really added character to the room.  So, the project began.  Taking everything out of the room and emptying the china cabinets was a good time to see how much I've collected in four years! 

We picked up samples of trim for the moldings and chair rails and frames.  I also picked up samples of paint.  I knew I wanted a lighter color, compared to the darker color I started with.  I ended up getting a custom color (thanks to the guys at the Paint and Paper store in Jersey).  We played around with colors because I could not find the right color out of the hundreds and hundreds of paint colors on Benjamin Moore's fan decks. 

Now the real challenge was to see if I can get this room done by Thanksgiving.  We have been hosting Thanksgiving since we moved into our home.  We cut it close!  Delays occurred, of course but we completed it a couple of days before Thanksgiving. Whew!

Here is a before and after picture.

I have a mirror for the new space I want to add between the china cabinets and eventually will add a rug.  Here are some other pictures from my Thanksgiving tablescape.

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