Sunday, September 21, 2014


Today's post is a special dedication to my mom.  Today is her birthday.  Although I'm not able to be there personally to help celebrate, I know she's not alone.  She's with my sister and loved ones. 

I mailed her gift but it did get in there in time (so sorry).  So, while she can't open her present on her actual birthday, she has something to look forward to.  The gift I gave was a new perfume by her favorite, Narciso Rodriguez.  My mom has been wearing Narciso for a few years now.  That is "her signature scent".  She loves his perfume!  I think she has purchased everyone of his fragrances.  So, for her birthday this year, I was able to purchase Narciso Rodriguez's new signature fragrance, NARCISO, in collaboration with Bloomingdales.  And, the surprise was, I was able to meet Narciso last week, to have him personally sign a bottle for my mom.  I wish my mom could have met him; but she lives too far from NYC now. 

Last Wednesday evening, I headed to Bloomingdales on 59th Street to pick up my presale fragrance purchase.  I only found out the news of him being there the day before.  While the event started at 6:00 p.m. I was there an hour early.  I wanted to make sure I was one of the few first in line, so I can make my bus back home to New Jersey.  I was fourth in line and we waited a little over an hour.  As soon as the crowds down below, started cheering and clapping, I new it was time.  How exciting!  It's so funny, after waiting on line and getting tired, the adrenaline started as soon as I saw his face.  Thoughts started flowing in my head . . . don't drop the bottle, don't be nervous, what do I say . . .

The young girls working the lines at Bloomingdales were so helpful and friendly.  They said, are you ready?  Like we were walking down the runway or something (ha-ha).  With my iphone in my hand and perfume bottle in the other, I was ready as I'll ever be.  They were gracious enough to take pictures with my iphone and hold my bags. 

It was my turn!  I said, hello, "This is for my mother, Helga.  It's a birthday present and she loves your perfume.  She only wears your perfume!"  He smiled and replied, well tell your mother, thank you and I am grateful.  Then, the young woman, with my phone, said, okay, ready for a photo?  I said, yes.  My mother is going to die! LOL.  Now, how to pose . . . can I touch him?  It happened so fast.  Then, I shook his hand and said, it was a pleasure meeting you and thank you.  He thanked me. 

I gathered my belongings and headed down the stairs.  Wow!  How cool was that.  I just met Narciso Rodriguez.  Damn!  Why didn't I buy a bottle of perfume for myself.  But, this was not for me; it was for my mother, that's why.

So, mom, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Wishing you many happy blessings on your day.  I love you dearly. Here's your gift until you can open the real thing in person.

Display at Bloomingdales 59th Street

Here is the description of the new fragrance: 

The designer's signature, a heart of musk, is surrounded by elegant woody notes of vetiver and cedar paired with ultra-feminine accords of Bulgarian rose and gardenia to create a seductive fragrance that lingers and endures.

Table set up for Narciso

Listening to his introduction

This is where he smiled when I said, my mom only wears your perfume!

I adore the bottle and packaging!  It matches the d├ęcor in my home office (lol)

The new fragrance is lovely and I hope you love your gift mom!

For those interested in purchasing a bottle, head on over to Bloomingdales or order on line here.


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  1. Aww, what a great post!! Mom is going to LOVE what you did!