Monday, May 16, 2016

FASHION: Spring Style

1.  Crochet Panels shirt - (MANGO USA)
2.  Burberry Full Kisses (Rosewood) - (Sephora)
3.  Comme des Garcons Grace by Grace Coddington (Barneys)
4.  Floral Lace Pencil Skirt - (J. Crew)
5.  Christian Louboutin Triloubi Small Bag (Barneys)
6.  Christian Louboutin Pigalles Follies in Ballerina Pink (Neiman Marcus)


Hello readers.  Hope you had a lovely weekend.  The temperatures dropped after some rain and it was too windy and cool to enjoy the outdoors.  While indoors, I caught up on a pile of clothes that needed to be ironed and did my weekly house chores (very exciting life, I know).

Hoping for the warmer weather to return soon.  Today, I broke out my heavier jacket because temps are in the 40's and windy!  We are expected to reach 60 but still not warm in my book. 

Here's a Spring look I put together to put me in the mood.  Long sleeves are still needed during this season and I'm loving all things pink. The contrast of deep wine and pale pink is the perfect combo. And, I need to be in a better mood; after some aggravating news I received on Friday evening.  Hoping to get things resolved today.  

Enjoy your day!  


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