Monday, May 2, 2016

SPRUCING UP FOR SPRING: Landscape and Home Decor

Bijou candle - Bois de Vanille

Vases (vintage shop finds)

Tray purchased at Bloomingdales


Happy May!  Sounds so much better than "Monday".   On the east coast, we are starting the month off with rain and cooler temperatures.  Saturday was a pleasant day and we decided to visit a landscaping nursery that we've never visited before.  

We picked up some plantings for three of our planters in the backyard.  While two of our planters are not fully complete, I'm sharing what we've planted (ahem . . . what my hubby planted). 

I just love adding to our landscaping using planters. They create another layer of interest and perfect for incorporating more flowers in the back or front of your home.  For example, one of the planters we planted yellow begonias. Can I just tell you, I love the yellow begonias!  This is the first year I planted begonias or incorporated yellow flowers in our planters. 

When decorating for Spring inside the home, I opted for bright white accents, a lighter colored tray; completing the look with a soft floral arrangement.  This arrangement is something I will be creating more for spring. The mini green hydrangeas are a favorite of mine.  I love how these small changes, instantly brighten the room; making it fresh and alive. 

What changes have your made for Spring?


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