Friday, June 19, 2009

Putting it all together . . .

Building a home from scratch is a new and exciting experience but can be overwhelming at times. In today's world, you have so many options available, it's hard to make a decision. You hope that the one you chose is the right one (for you). Will I love it when it's all done? Will I get tired of it in 10 years?

The compromises made in the process was enough to make me crazy. My husband and I have such different tastes. His style is whatever hand-me-downs he gets with a little bit of country. My style is more glamorous with a mix of transitional.

So, we're in the house . . . some rooms are complete (as needed) and some are bare. I find myself staring at the bare rooms trying to get a sense of how I want the room to look. Case in point, the family room. My husband has insisted on putting a wood burning stove in the room. My thoughts soon consume me in trying to figure out how a wood burning stove is going to work with "my look". Can I convince him to buy a contemporary style, wood burning stove?

Here's what our room looks like:

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