Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend project

I was able to fit a project in this weekend (yippee)! I've been looking for a sunburst mirror or something similar. I didn't want to spend $300+ on it either. When a friend of mine said she bought one from HomeGoods but wasn't going to use it in her house, I decided to buy it from her.
While I love the look of the mirror the colors didn't work for me . . . white with cooper/gold. Upon a closer view, the paint job was horrible (hence why it ended up in HomeGoods.

I wanted silver with black because it will go with the look I'm going for in the guest room (that will eventually get done). I tackled the project by priming the whole mirror. Then I added silver metallic and flat black paint.

It's amazing how a look transforms with color. The same mirror looks soooo different. See the before and after pics.

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