Monday, March 30, 2015

WEST ELM + LULU FROST = Jeweled Accessories for the Home

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.  I was hit with a bad cold/cough that left me, pretty much out of commission most of the weekend.  Feeling much better today.

I was beyond excited to see West Elm's recent collaboration with jewelry brand, Lulu Frost.  What a genius idea to combine jeweled pieces to home accessories.  I'm sure women all over are loving this as much as I am! We love to accessorize our wardrobe with costume jewelry and carrying this in our home decor is something I need to include.

West Elm features jewelry boxes, storage boxes and trays.  The availability one some of the items are not until mid April, which is not too far away.  I suggest ordering now, so you don't miss out.

Here are the featured items:

The first is the Lulu Frost Jewelry Case.  This antique-modern piece in white lacquer, brass metal details and crystal accents would compliment any dresser, table or closet.

Next is the Lulu Frost Clutch.  This storage box, set in solid brass with inlaid crystal panel detail does resemble a fashionable clutch.  I love the two tone color and overall look. Very glamorous.

Next is the Lulu Frost Box - Gray/White.  This gray/white lacquered box has a beautiful and stylish crystal accent.  This box isn't restricted to just jewelry pieces.  I would display this beauty in my different rooms of my home.

The last pieces from the collection are the Lulu Frost Trays.  Your choice of small or large rectangle trays in gray, gold, or white.  West Elm described them as "tray chic".  I agree!

Any favorites?  I'm loving both the boxes.

Happy shopping!


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