Wednesday, April 20, 2016

BEAUTY: My Favorites from Burberry


Wearing Tea Rose and Khaki Green shadows



I'm a creature of habit when it comes to certain cosmetic brands.  If I love a product, I stick with it.  For example, Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation (#7) has been my go-to foundation for years.  I don't limit myself to one particular brand and always love to try others.  

Take for example, Burberry's beauty line.  I always passed it by when walking through the department store.  One day, I decided to check it out.  It was in December that I was looking for a khaki green eye shadow.  Burberry's display set up, made it easy to see color combination looks from soft and romantic to bold and daring.

Burberry's Eye Colour Silk eye shadow is so silky and smooth!  I'm addicted to Tea Rose (No. 200).  If you notice from the above shots, I'm making my way through the shadow.  It's a color I wear everyday for a neutral look.  I love to pair it with one of my brown shadows or Burberry's Khaki Green (No.306).  You can wear these shadows wet or dry.  

Another favorite is their Effortless Eyebrow Definer (I wear Ash Brown No.03).  And, when they say effortless, they mean it.  This dual-ended eyebrow pencil and brush can be described as a wax/powder texture. The slanted tip is easy to work when applying.  Back in high school, I literally plucked most of my eyebrow hairs off because they haven't grown back.  So, after trying several products - from pencils to powders, this is one of my favorite eyebrow pencils thus far.

Let's talk lipsticks.  For 15+ years, I have only worn lip glosses.  My sudden shift lately is going back to lipsticks and liners (that I wore before lip glosses).  Now, I have a growing collection of lipsticks that are semi matte and matte.  I purchased two of Burberry's lip sticks from their Lip Velvet Collection:  Nude Rose (No.405) and Rosewood (No.421).  The Nude Rose is my favorite.  The Rosewood is a deeper shade of pink.  The Velvet line goes on silky smooth and lasts for hours.  It doesn't feel dry but creamy and light but with pigment.

I paired them with Lip Definer Nude No.01.  Now, it has been a while since I've lip liner but this shade has to be one of the best nude liners out there! It goes on soft and looks great if applied to the whole lip.  The liner also comes with a sharpener.  I'm going through this liner pretty quickly, though.  I was told this color always sells out first.  I can see why.

Wearing: Nude Rose lipstick with Nude lip pencil
 I went fairly simple with this look because I don't wear a lot of makeup; especially on the weekend.  

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