Monday, October 12, 2015

HALLOWEEN: Ideas for Decorating Your Pumpkins

With October upon us, people are decorating their homes with cornstalks, fresh bales of hay, mums and pumpkins.  We stopped by our local farm over the weekend and did a little shopping of our own, to decorate our front porch.

Next weekend I'll start decorating.  I didn't have a chance to this weekend because the porch is in need of some cleaning.  But here's what we picked up:

I love unique pumpkins, with different color variations and natural designs.

I had to pick this pumpkin because of the stem

I love the subtle color combo I have going on

Speaking of pumpkins, I found some creative and amazing pumpkins design ideas.

How gorgeous is this scrolled pumpkin! (HGTV Gardens)

For those who don't have the option of decorating outside, displaying small pumpkins in glass jars adds a nice touch.

Decorate your table with this lovely pumpkin and nut display.

Getting creative with washi tape (via lil luna)
A little paint and some thumbtacks go a long way.  How cute is this?
(image via country living)
Purchase some burlap ribbon at your local craft store and you have a beautifully decorated pumpkin
(image via country living)
Have fun decorating!


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