Tuesday, October 27, 2015

HALLOWEEN TABLE DECOR 2015: A "Sweet Treat" Seance

This year's Halloween table decor design is simple and stylish with sweet treats to enjoy.  Take a look at the inspirational look I created . . .

I purchased nothing new and used what I had stored away (I'm so proud of myself, using self-restraint).  To be honest, I've been suffering from back pain and have been taking it easy lately.  But, I  still wanted to put a look together. 

I was inspired by this picture (I think I found on Pinterest).  

This beautiful floral design and it's colors is what inspired me to create my own look.  I love the deep red hues and pale pink combination.  Adding blues and purples adds to the haunting look for Halloween.  

So, okay, I lied . . . The only new item I did purchase, were the flowers (of course).

Gold taper candle (purchased at Anthropology last year)

This "Sweet Treat" Seance - calling to the Gods of petite, sweet treats.  You can create your own display, setting out your favorites.  Here I used dark chocolate thin mints, Milano slices (salted pretzel) and assorted Belgium chocolates.  I placed different size candle holders in black around the gold skull and tasty treats; calling it a "Sweet Treat" Seance.

Adding to the decor, a cinnamon and oil broom stick.  Smells so good for the holidays.

For cocktails, I purchased this Pumpkin Pie Cream Liqueur.  I some how have to finish this entire bottle before it goes bad.

These assorted Belgium Chocolate Pumpkins were purchased at Trader Joe.


Roses, carnations, hydrangeas, blue thistle and eucalyptus - just to name a few, were used to make this floral arrangement.

An evening look . . .


There still some time to whip up a Halloween display for your home!  I hope I've inspired you to create a look of your own.


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