Monday, March 21, 2016

EASTER: Creating a Floral Design, Paired with Gourmet Sweets

1. Floral Arrangement via Bloom Nation, designed and handcrafted by Petals and Roots NY;

(2 through 4 are from Sugarfina)

2.  Robin's Eggs Caramel; 3.  Candy Flowers, Lavender Primrose; 4. Marzipan Eggs - Speckled 

1.  Floral arrangement via Bloom Nation, designed and crafted by Birch and Bloom Design;

(2 through 4 are from Sugarfina)

2.  Golden Truffle Eggs (Imported from Germany); 3. Bella Rosa (Imported from Italy);

4. Athena Black Cherry - Dark Chocolate (Imported from Greece)

1.  Floral design via Tulipina by Kiana Underwood;

(2-5 are from Sugarfina)

2.  Yellow Primrose Candy Flowers (Imported from Italy);

3.  Aphrodite Strawberries - Chocolate (Imported from Greece);

4.  Fluffy Bunnies - Gummy Bunnies (Made in the USA); 5.  Fruity Loops (Imported from Greece)


Hi!  Hope you enjoyed the weekend.  I spent a majority inside, getting things done around the house. In addition to the regular house chores, I tackled reorganizing my side of our walk-in closet (yes, I have to share the closet).  Specially, I wanted to swap shelves I had on one side, to the middle of the closet.  I'm so thankful I have a husband who is handy around the house because he made my vision come to life.  I'll share with you the details on a post, soon.

So, I have to share .  . . I stumbled upon a new candy store on Friday evening.   For those of you who've heard about this lovely boutique store called "Sugarfina".  This is quite the boutique - so chic!  It's a candy store with an adult flair.  I walked into the shop smiling and in awe . . . like a "kid" in a candy store . . . but grown-up.  I was impressed by the quality of different candies and the lovely packaging.  I purchased a couple of candies for Easter, as well as a treat for my husband.  I had to contain myself from buying more!

Then I got to thinking - it would be a great to display these gourmet sweets around a beautiful floral arrangement.  And, an even better idea to combine the two as a gift, for the host or hostess.  Inspiration looks, like those above, are options to get your creative juices flowing.  I hope to create an arrangement and share with you before Easter.

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