Wednesday, March 30, 2016

MASTER BEDROOM CLOSETS: Inspirational Favorites

I've been on a Spring cleaning kick and an organizational movement has begun at our house!   I previously mentioned, our master bedroom closet was getting tweaked on my side of the space.  I'm happy to say, phase one is now complete.  With that part out of the way, I've been organizing all the clothes, shoes and handbags on the shelves.  It amazes me how much I've collected over the years and how many clothes I don't wear anymore.  It's time to purge.  I'm still in the midst of organizing my side and dedicating some hours during the weekend to complete it.  I hope to share with you the subtle but impactful changes soon.

Today, I'm sharing some inspirational closet designs, big and small.

Okay, this closet/dressing room looks like something out of a designer store.
Love the rich wood tones and vintage suitcases to accent the space.
Image via Room Decor Ideas

Love the color cabinetry and glass doors.  Oh, what I could fill in this closet (sigh).
Image via HomeBunch

Jennifer of JWS Interiors recently completed her master bedroom closet and what a transformation.  You have to checkout the before pics!  I love the white shelving and the overall softness of the space.  Looking at the picture above, makes me realize how packed my side of the closet is.   This is about the same amount of space I have on my side of the closet.

A beautifully designed closet with clothes, shoes, handbags and light fixture to die for!
Image via Pink Peonies

Beautiful wallpaper design and large floor mirror.  Simple and elegant
Nate Berkus really knows how live!  Loving this dressing room closet.
Image via Architectural Digest

This closet design is crisp and bright with elegant touches.  The mirrors on the doors are a nice touch and a great idea for those who don't have wall space for a mirror.
Image via YouTube

This small closet space is super stylish
Image via BHG

OMG! This design is nothing I've seen before.  Love the feminine lines of the desk and chair.  The dark cabinetry and rug give the space interest. Like entering the VIP room, made especially for you. 
Imagine getting ready in the mornings . . . choosing a pair of shoes and sitting down to put them on.  One quick look at my makeup in the mirror, before gathering my handbag.  Or, come sit down and admire my shoe collection.
Image via Room Decor Ideas

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