Tuesday, March 4, 2014


It was nice spending my birthday with a day off yesterday; especially since I'm trying to fight this head cold.  I made an appointment for a massage and facial at a spa in my neighborhood and it was soooo relaxing.  I really need to make an effort to pamper myself more often. 
Another nice treat was from Anthropologie.  Every year they send me a birthday card with 15% off.  What a perfect excuse to do a little shopping and take advantage of the discount. 
Anthro is one store I love to shop!  They have the best of both looks for apparel and home décor.  I particularly adore their line of blouses; so feminine.
It's always a treat when I walk out of there with something.  I picked up an item for the home and a couple of blouses.
Lulu Candle. Scent is coconut and sea salt.  Smells so good!

Love the pale pink color and cream flowered top

Lacepane Blouse.  This top is darling but a little stiff to get on and off.

Osmanthus Mock Turtleneck

Love the flower detail
For more, check out Anthropologie here



  1. Cute finds! Happy you enjoyed your day!

  2. That candle is my absolute favourite! I'm so upset they don't have it in stock anymore :(

    1. That's so upsetting when they run out of stock. If you want, I can sell you the extra one I picked up! It retailed for $22.