Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Let's talk paisley.  It's an English term for a design using boteh or buta.  It's origin is Persia (sometimes called the Persian pickle) and has been around FOR-EV-ER; we're talking 3 AD!  It was popular in the West back in the 18th and 19th centuries. 
The paisley pattern resembles a twisted teardrop and a kidney shape and is still popular today.  You can see different paisley patterns in different color combos and these stylized designs are trending in all places for the home and fashion.  This old design is new again with each generation. 
Look at some of my favorite looks:

Look at this beautiful paisley fine china (Persia) from Prounausa
Loving this Paisley Brocade Blouse (Ann Taylor)

Blythe Paisley Organic Sateen Duvet Cover (Pottery Barn)
Ed Westwick (a/k/a Chuck Bass character, suited up nicely in his paisley tie (via GQ)
Key City Furniture "Joliet Paisley" Chair (Horchow)
What are some of your favorite paisley looks?


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