Monday, January 27, 2014


I finally got my butt into gear and started the beginning process of my future home office.  I have been contemplating which direction to go in, when designing my home office.  I have stared at this space for a couple of years now and think I finally have a sense of what I want.  Below is a picture of the space.

 Home office room

I met with a designer and we started phase one of the design.  I'm hoping not to spend a ton of money on this project but we will see how things go.  For such a small space, I have a lot of wants but hope to be selective in my design choices. 

We worked on two options and will tweak them here and there as we go along.  I might want to see another option with the chair in front of the center wall.  There is a window along the right hand side of wall as well as baseboard heating (along that wall).  We are leaving that space alone for now; so as not to block the heat.

Option 1:  Open shelves in the center with long cabinets on either end with glass cabinets

Option 2:  Closed cabinets in center with tall open shelves on either end

So, this is what I have in mind so far:  I definitely want gray cabinets and want to combine that with brass hardware and gold accessories.  I have been dying to incorporate this look and my office is the perfect space!  There are two companies that have gray cabinets:  Martha Stewart and KraftMaid.  Since I'm trying to watch my dollars, having cabinet doors spray painted in a grey color is not an option. 

Here are the two choices:

Martha Stewart PureStyle collection in Sharkey Gray (a pale gray)

KraftMaid Geneva cabinet door in Pebble Grey color

I'm not sure yet what the price difference is between the two companies.   I hope to get the numbers this week.  I'm also not sure what countertop to pick.  It will be a light color; maybe white, cream with gold; not sure at the moment.

I created a design board to bring some of my thoughts together (see below).  This is not the finished product, but something along the lines of what I want. The hardware, lighting and chair are important factors and want to make the best selections.   The highlight of the space will be the wallpaper I am planning to put on the left side of the wall!  Even though Mr. D. is opposed to the idea of wallpaper, he threw in the towel and agreed.  I had to point out, it is my space (lol).

I am also considering changing the paint color in the existing room.  The current paint color is Sparrow by Benjamin Moore.  I would like a lighter shade of gray/beige.  My first choice is Revere Pewter but that's all dependent upon the cabinet color I go with. I will only need to paint the half wall.  I'm also thinking about adding an area carpet of some sort if I pick a roller chair.  I don't want to scratch the wood floors.

This project will take a while before everything is said and done but I'm one step closer to where I was.  Stay tuned . . .

Home Office Design Ideas


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