Tuesday, January 14, 2014


"I impose black; it's still going strong today, for black wipes out everything else around."  Coco Chanel.

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel (image source). An icon in the fashion world; the epitome of black.
Truth be told, I love the color black.  Most of my wardrobe consists of black.  A couple of years ago I did expanded my wardrobe to include brighter colors for the summer/spring and love that look as well.  But my first instinct is to always grab a garment in black.

Let's discuss . . . When wearing the color black, it associates with mourning, magic power, evil, sexiness and elegance.  This color is powerful!  Black is a classic color that will continue to inspire for generations.  You can't go wrong when wearing or designing with the color black.  Wouldn't you agree?

I think everyone should own a few key pieces of black apparel to add to their wardrobe.  A classic black coat, a tailored blazer, a skirt, trouser pants, black pumps or flats.  These pieces are universal and can compliment any outfit.  You can always expand your collection with a great handbag (not too trendy), along with other apparel and accessories.

When you look at architectural design, some classic elements you'll find are black wrought iron gates, or fencing, black front door or black shutters (depending on the style of your home).

And let's not forget black and white photographs or artwork.  This has been around for-ev-er!  Creating/adding this look to your space, adds character and looks great with any neutral space.

Here are some inspirational pictures I pulled together, reflecting my favorite looks in black.

Audrey Hepburn . . . classic and elegant in black (image source).  B&W photography - LOVE
Chanel Classic flap bag in quilted lambskin (image via Chanel)

pave crystal earrings White House Black Market

Rachel Zoe, fashion stylist and designer loves her black (image)

The gorgeous couple, Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl dressed up in black (image source)

Kristen Cavallari in all black from head to toe (image source).  Love it!

Black nail polish (image source unknown)

Beautiful home displaying black doors (image).  Stunning home!


A black door grounds the look for this modern space (image)

Luxurious black dining room via Atmosphere Interior Design.  Love everything about this room

James Merrell black panel decorative molding wall via Coco Cozy


Black kitchen (image source)

Bedroom in classic black.  Great design for both male and female (image found here)

What are some of your favorite looks?



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