Thursday, January 16, 2014


Happy Thursday blogger friends!  Let's discuss my crush . . .  the hue blush color I'm seeing advertised.  Even though we are still in the winter season (ugh), I thought I would cheer myself (and others) up by talking about this light, wispy color. 

This color doesn't scream masculine (sorry fellas).  But this pastel color and its soft tones, adds such a pretty and sophisticated touch to any neutral space. 

One could argue, you could get away with this color for both a male and female shared space; if the blush was subtle and paired with male inspired fabrics for accent pillows and black & white photography or cityscape artwork.  You can also pair it with darker colors, like navy, black, brown or grey. 

For me, it's the finishing touch that completes the look of the space.  Honestly, I would probably lose this argument (lol).  Mr. D would torture me and demand to put a male item to his liking in the space; like a hockey poster or something horrific!  But, to all you masculine guys out there who are sporting pink and lavender shirts, you understand me, right??

Other pastel colors, like blues, yellows, creams and greens and light greys are also gaining popularity.   Take a look at the inspiration pics.  So pretty!

Basset Furniture.  I'm loving this room.  I'd probably paint the walls a lighter shade of blush.

Sarah Richardson design - LOVE!

This blush headboard really makes a statement in this bedroom . . . CALM and SOPHISTICATED

Restoration Hardware

Crate and Barrel Hue Blush dinnerware

Image via Domain Home

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