Monday, January 6, 2014


Have you noticed the trend for monogramming?  Whether monogramming for the home or fashion, these decals are making a huge impact.  When I think of monogramming, I think of the older days; like a gentleman or a ladies handkerchief, a pair of cufflinks, or table linens.  Everything seemed more personal; had meaning of importance that could be past down to generations.

I love the look of anything monogrammed.  I think it creates a clean, polished and organized look.  I actually don't have anything monogrammed and need to!  I would love a set of monogrammed sheets or table napkins.

Take a look at some of my favorite looks.

Homme Signet Ring (Mark & Graham).  Such a classic look on a man.

Sonya Layered Charmed necklaces (Mark & Graham)

love this simple embroidered duvet with monogram - Ballard Designs.  Clean and simple! Perfect for a Spring/Summer look

Linen Hemstitch Guest towels - Pottery Barn

I'm loving these art deco inspired monogrammed dinner napkins from Julia B.  I could see these on my table (lol).

Monogrammed Wine Decanter - Williams Sonoma.  This would make a great host/hostess gift with a bottle of wine.

Monogrammed tray - Swoozies

Do you have anything monogrammed?  If so, share your looks.


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