Thursday, January 23, 2014


Benji Madden Home Tour featured on Domaine Home
When it comes to home design and decorating, I love to see what design influences are out there and in other people's home.  We all have our own personal sense of style and it reflects in what we wear and how we decorate our homes.

Being a married woman, I have to share the space with Mr. D.; so when it came to decorating, I had to make a few compromises.  He will argue, the whole house is "me" and not "him".  I can state differently but we won't get into that.  I will say, I do enjoy looking at a bachelor space that is simplistic but shows it's masculine side with a few key pieces.  Take Benji Madden (former Good Charlotte guitarist).  When Domaine Home featured his newly renovated house, I was really loving the space!

Benji Madden purchased a two bedroom, three bath bungalow in Nichols Canyon, Los Angels, CA.  He renovated the space, to create more of an open floor plan.  Since the house is set in the hills and there are a lot of windows, having that open space-feel, complimented the look.

He does admit to loving a goth look (like his former home) but outgrew the dark space.  I think being in this new home put a different light on things (no pun intended).  This is what he said:  “I love stuff that’s gothic, but for me to live in it every day, I just think the simpler the better.”  I couldn't agree more. 

Check out his home:

You can see touches of masculine pieces: leather chairs, guitar, artwork and accessories

Nice neutral space accented with masculine pieces

I love the different patterns and colors of the skull heads!

Clean and simple kitchen.  Check out that knife set; very cool!

Love the light fixture over the dining room and all the open windows; light and airy

Simple and clean bathroom with great skylight

Masculine pieces are dark walls, black iron side tables, lamps and baseball cap. Love the white upholstered, tufted headboard and I'm swooning with jealously over the monogram bedding! 

Great house Benji Madden!  The simplistic transitional space gets two thumbs up!!


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