Friday, April 4, 2014


So I've been MIA this week.  And, with good reason.  I was busy all weekend and this week baking cookies for my co-workers.  Why do you ask?  Here's the reason behind the madness:

Without getting into too much detail, I work at a highly recognized law firm in NYC.  I support Partners and Associates.  I was recently asked to be part of a project for a new system the firm implemented (welcome to Corporate America). 

While being grateful for the recognition of my hard work; given this opportunity was something out of my comfort zone.  But, I stepped up to the challenge and began this project.  While some of my peers were not embracing this new system with open arms, I had to do my best to show them what I learned and how, in time, they will learn to adjust.  I, myself, have to use this very same system, so I empathize with them.

The project, over time, has bloomed into more responsibilities.  Trying to juggle this extra work, in addition to my existing work was, and is a challenge.  But, I make it work.  I am so grateful I was given this opportunity because I've met people that I've never had contact with before (we're a large firm) and heard they voices (good and bad).  You learn to deal with different personalities . . . embracing the good with the bad.  When I do something, I'm in it all the way!

So, this week I scheduled a series of classes and taught the class (with the help of my amazing co-trainer, Carolyn).  I prepped and planned my presentation to present among my peers.  I know change is never easy and I wanted to give back to them, to show my appreciation.  I know sometimes we don't feel recognized the way we want or don't feel appreciated.  Even though I was on the other side (teaching the class), I am still part of this group.  So this is where the cookies come into play (lol).

I thought it would be a great gesture to bake sugar cookies for those that attended class.  I know it takes away from their already busy workload, so I wanted to show some love.  Needless to say, when this thought popped in my head, I didn't realize I would be baking and decorating cookies all week (lol).  That's because the creative side in me couldn't just bake cookies.  I had to bedazzle them, sprinkle them, decorate with pearls and sanding sugar. I finished the look by inscribing them with the letters, "SN" (short for the system we are using).  Finishing them over with individual packaging, complete with a ribbon.

It's been a long week and am soooo looking forward to the weekend.  My cookies are famous (more than me)!  My classes have been well received (so far) and they really appreciated the gesture.  It feels good to give back.  I'm a happy lady!

Here are some pictures of the sugar cookies.  I used Martha Stewart's recipe.  If you are interested, you can find it here.

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Jo Ann, that was such a nice little story. You are just wonderful. Your class was great and I learned a lot. Although I didn't eat the cookies, the boys assured me (they were gone in two seconds flat) that they were delish....xoxo...Faythe

  2. I enjoyed the taste and view of the cookies. You have a good heart and God will always Bless you. Liz C.