Wednesday, December 18, 2013


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It's Hump Day!  Today I will be volunteering my lunch hour (once a week) to read to a child at a local school.    I joined the program, Power Lunch (through Everybody Wins!).  The program was offered through my job.

Everybody Wins! New York is a nonprofit literacy and mentoring organization that began in 1991.  Their mission is to encourage young children to believe they can succeed in school and in life.  If I can give a little bit of my time to help a child, then why not.  I think we both will remember this experience and I hope we both learn something from each other.

I'm looking forward to meeting my mentee.  The child I'm paired with is also giving up his recess to be part of this program.  He actually requested to join Power Lunch.  From what I know, he is a fourth grader who loves drawing, crafts, tv, computer games and playing outside.  I'm sure I'll have stories about my new friend and our experience together through reading.  If you would like to more about this organization, you can check out their website here


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