Tuesday, December 17, 2013

TURN IT UP TUESDAYS . . .Folk, Rock and Soul

Amos Lee (photo via website here)

On this week's Turn it Up Tuesday is musician, singer-song writer, Amos Lee.

Lee was born Ryan Anthony Massaro in Philadelphia, PA.  He was a second grade school teacher and bartender before pursuing a musical career.  It was during his college yeas that he developed an interest in music and was inspired by John Prine (specifically, the album, Great Days).

Lee is described as a male version of singer, Norah Jones.  He has a folksy, bluesy sound with a country twang.  Lee's voice is soulful!  This is what one New York Times music critic described Lee:

"Amos Lee has a honeyed singing voice — light amber, mildly sweet, a touch of grain — and the tendency to feature it squarely, without much fuss or undue strain." (quote taken from here)

He is very passionate about his music and when he sings, you can tell it comes from a place deep within. 

Lee has recorded five albums.  The popular ones you may have heard are Violin and Arms of a Woman.

His fifth album recently released in October, entitled "Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song").  Songs from the new album are: Johnson Boulevard and Chill in the Air.  You can also watch the album trailer Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song

Here are some of my favorites from his different albums:

Mission Bell album:  Learned A Lot, Behind Me Now and El Camino (featuring Willie Nelson) and Jesus.  I love how they are all sitting around in a circle just singing and playing . . . jamming to the music!

Last Days at the Lodge album:  Street Corner Preacher  (great a sense of the mix of folk, rock and soul) and my other favorite song, Windows are Rolled Down
If you haven't heard of Amos Lee, I hope I've inspired you to add him to your playlist.


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