Thursday, December 5, 2013


The Coffee Table Book

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I don't know about you but my mailbox has been stacked, almost daily, with magazines from different companies displaying their featured products; especially for the holidays. 

My coffee table is stacked with them and they're not a pretty site. Every time I go through the stack, more follow.  As I'm browsing through the various magazines; looking for inspiration and for Christmas gifts, it hit me! . . . looking at these stacks of magazines . . . I don't have any coffee table books.  Well, that's not entirely true . . . I have huge one that was given to me as a gift (entitled, Earth from Above).  But I would like to create my own look; using coffee table books that interest me and represent my style.

So, I did a little research on the coffee table book and why we dress up and style our table with these large, hardcover books.  The coffee table book began in the 1960's and credit was given to David R. Brower.  He was executive director of the Sierra Club.  Brower came up with the idea to have a series of books (nature books) where the image on the page was big enough to be dynamic.  The first book was, "This is the American Earth" and was published in the 1960s (photographs by Ansel Adams and other text by Nancy Newhall).  This became a series entitled, the "Exhibit Format" (20 series).

I think we've come a long way to creating the look of the coffee table book; displaying our favorite books; whether it be fashion icons, interior designers, nature, architecture, etc..  We're dressing them up with flower arrangements and with accessories (candles, art, sculptures, trays, mirrors, etc.).  And, it's not limited to the "coffee table".  These hardcover books are on ottomans (used as coffee tables); on desks, dressing tables, in walk in closets and entry tables.

One book I must have on my coffee table is the iconic, Coco Chanel!  Stay tuned for the look I'll create. 

Here are some inspirational pictures I want to share with you (images via Pinterest).

stacking books in the same color tone but different size, creates a visual image to the space. love the pop of color!

Adding an accessory like this candle creates a stylish look; anything in three's completes a look visually


What are some of your favorite coffee table books?  Do you have a display in your home?


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