Friday, February 7, 2014


 A beauty collage from February 2014

Over the years, I've tested and tried many products.  And, I'm still open to trying new ones.  I love to learn about new products from reading online, in magazines or recommendations from friends.  I thought I would share my favorite picks with you.
I receive many compliments about how great my skin looks.  I wish I could say, it was this product or that product.  In truth, I'm honestly blessed with good genes.  Don't get me wrong, the products I use, do help but there is no miracle product.  
I follow a pretty simple skincare routine and the above products are ones I can't live without; no matter how many times I've tried something new.  I have combination skin (my t-zone is a little oily).  Certain products I'm sensitive to (anything fruity or perfumed), so I stay away from them. 
For example, a friend of mine introduced me to Neutrogena foaming cleanser a couple of years ago.  What I love about this product is the fact that it's a cleanser and makeup remover in one.  It really works and I love the price point!  Another similar product, at a medium price point, is Shisedo's Purifying Cleansing Foam (around $30) or, a higher end, is La Mer's Cleansing Foam ($75).  Both of these products are amazing and leave your skin super clean and soft.  If I can afford to treat myself to either of these cleansers I do, but Neutrogena is my every day product. 
For my face creams, I use La Mer, Shisedo or Bobbi Brown.  I have been using La Mer's moisturizing cream for over ten years. While it's expensive, a little does go a long way.  They have a lighter version of their original cream and I use that in warmer weather.  Shisedo is another company that has great products.  I love their Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion.  I use this product all the time and by itself in the summer time (without additional moisturizer).  Bobbi Brown also carries a skin care line and I love anything Bobbi.  Their moisturizing creams are fabulous!
I'm still searching for the perfect eye cream.  I've tried and few but haven't found the one!
When I need to exfoliate my face, I sometimes use baking soda.  I add some water and make a paste and apply it to my skin.  I gently massage my face and rinse. 

A new product I purchased is from a woman (Cynthia Blauch, RN) in NJ who created her own brand called Beaneath (  It's an espresso honey mask with avocado.  The espresso grounds works as an exfoliator.  With only three ingredients, this product does the job!  It's a little messy but leaves your skin soft and glowy.  I put it on for 10-15 minutes and rinse off in the shower.  It also tightens, for those who have problems with large pores. 
For toner, I use good old fashioned, witch hazel.  Simple as that . . . and works great!  I've been using it for years and don't feel the need to spend extra money on other toners. 

Another staple is Dove Body Wash.  I absolutely love their beauty bars and body wash.  I've tried similar products but this is one that can't be beat.  I love the Deep Moisture or the Winter Care. 
Let's talk about The Body Shop's body butter.  I have been using this product for years and can't get enough of my body butter.  The only one I use is the shea butter.  I have jars of this at home and am so happy they now make jumbo sized ones!  Their almond body butter is a second one I like. 
Another great product I want to mention from the Body Shop is the hemp body mitt.  I use this mitt in the shower and scrub my body down (lol).  It's great to use right before shaving.  For an exfoliating scrub, I usually purchase ones from Marshalls or HomeGoods (lavender, olive oil or argon are great ones). 
Speaking of shaving, I use Skintimate Skin Therapy Moisturizing Shave Gel.  I also use a product from New York Shaving Company.  Another friend of my introduced me to this company (she knows the owners).  What a great shop!  The minute you walk in, it smells of an old time barber shop, of freshly shaven men. I'm so jealous seeing men get their faces shaved by a professional.  I wonder if they would shave my legs (LOL).   Their Sandalwood Shaving Cream is so amazing and smells wonderful.  I've also tried their Lavender. It's so creamy . . . to die for!  I have their Safety Razor, which I purchased last year and still scared to use it every time I shave.  It takes patience and practice. 
Aveda is another company I've used for years.   Mostly for their shampoos and conditioners (another post topic).  I've tried some of their face and body products.  Their hand and foot relief work wonders and it smells so wonderful and relaxing.
And, lastly, for lip moisture, I'm hooked on Rosebud Salve.  I keep this on my desk at work and apply it all day.  I also make it a point to apply lip moisturizer to my lips before I go to bed.  A little tip I do when my lips get chapped (especially with this cold weather) is to take some good old fashioned Vaseline and a baby toothbrush.  I gently scrub my lips and rinse off.  Then apply my Rosebud.  It has a nice, soft smell.  Carmex is another product the hubby introduced me to (which he uses all the time). 
If your searching for new products, I hope I've inspired you to try some of my favorites.