Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Happy Tuesday!  I hope anyone that was off from work yesterday, enjoyed the three day weekend!  I spent the time painting.  First room was my soon to be home office and then I carried it into the second floor hallway.

I must admit, painting is no easy task.  I am definitely paying for it; being achy and sore all over.  I have an appreciation for those that are professional painters.  It takes a lot of prep work (taping, cutting in), patience and practice.  My legs got a work out, going up and down the ladder when I was cutting in the top edge of the walls and rolling.

All the paint colors in our home are by Benjamin Moore.  I'm just a big fan of the company and love the quality of their paints.  Since I'm trying to get a home office designed for the unused room, I knew I need to paint the room.  The existing colors in that space are not going to work for the design I have planned.   I knew I wanted to keep the space light and wanted a shade of gray.  I decided to go with Revere Pewter.  Depending on the lighting and the time of day, it's gray with some beige (greige).  It also works nicely with the wallpaper I have in mind (wallpapering one wall).

After painting the room, I loved it so much, I decided to paint the second floor with the same color.  My soon to be home office, is a half wall room (no door) and open.  The paint color I replaced was Hush AF-95. 

It's a subtle change but makes a huge impact.  It's lighter and a cleaner look. I love the color!  I kept the color Sparrow at the end of the hall; used as an accent color.  It blends nicely with Revere Pewter.

Here are some pictures:

Home office paint colors before

Home office paint color before
After:  Revere Pewter
You can see the subtle color change.  Left is the color Revere Pewter and right is Hush. 
Thinking of adding a molding piece of some sort to separate the room from the hallway.
Here is the space before

New hallway color Revere Pewter.  Would love to change the light fixture.




Love the clean, lighter paint color!

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  1. Kuddos to you for painting it on your own...a hard task indeed! Looks good! Glad you kept the accent wall :)