Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Hello bloggers!  So, if you follow my blog, you knew I was on the hunt for a mirror in our dining room space.

This was the final, big piece to our dining room project.  I searched around and came across the Crystalle Mirror from Ballard Designs.  I was able to score a 20% discount and free shipping!  I decided to take the plunge and purchase it. 

Upon its arrival and my excitement to open the large box, I was sadly disappointed when I saw the mirror was damaged (in three places).  Do you get like me, so sad to see an item arrived damaged, after waiting for it to be delivered?  Of course, hubby wasn't too disappointed because that meant he didn't have the job of hanging it up (lol).

I contacted Ballard Designs via email.  They responded right away and advised me they would ship out a new mirror and credit me for the damaged mirror.  They apologized for the inconvenience.  I asked if a carrier could come pick up the new mirror because I didn't want the hassle of sending it back myself.  They said because it was damaged, there was no need to send it back and that I could keep it.  Wow! I could keep it.  I suppose this mirror could some how be fixed (not sure how) but it's a great mirror with some mirror chips missing a crack in one section.  I just can't throw it away! 
The new mirror arrived in a few days and was in perfect condition (thank goodness).  My hubby hung it up and I love it!  It's the perfect size and I love the shape.  I didn't want a square or oval mirror, the octagon shape is perfect!  The center glass of the mirror is beveled and it has a slight antique finish to it.

If you haven't shopped from Ballard Designs before, I can attest to their products and customer service.  Ballard Designs is a great company and have been happy with my previous purchases.  They stand by their products and want to make their customers happy.  So, thank you Ballard!

Here's my new mirror:

Center wall (empty)

Crystalle Mirror has a new home!
Up close view


  1. I don't think my original message went through but I have a weird random question…do you still happen to have the damaged crystalle mirror? I am a designer working on a project that this mirror would be perfect for and have been feverishly trying to search for it (or anything like it) as they no longer make it. I would be willing to buy the damaged one

    1. Hi, sorry, your original message did not come through. Yes, I still have the mirror. You can email me directly to discuss