Monday, February 9, 2015

MONDAY'S WITH MONTY: Brooks Brothers Dog Products

PHappy Monday!  Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  I was a busy bee, working on a project for an upcoming wedding.  Look forward to sharing that with you soon.  It always feels good to cross items off your "to do" list.  I feel a sense of accomplishment when I can stop filing it away in my head and retrieving it constantly.

It's always a great weekend because I get to spend all day with Monty.  He's such a joy and he's growing up so fast.  I love that he has such a personality now. He's coming up on the five month mark. Lately, his teeth have been falling out like crazy.  We managed to save yo teeth. The others he probably swallowed. 

Onto today's post.  A friend of mine from work, recently told me about Brooks Brothers' line of dog products.  WHAT?!  They carry a line for dogs?  Where have I been?

I jumped on their website to check out the line. The Signature Tartan line for dogs is the cutest!

And, Monty was beyond excited. LOL!!  He already has a list of dog sitters waiting anxiously, to spoil and show him off.  And, what better way, than looking his best in fashionable dog apparel.  He's almost finished with all of his shots and is ready to go out into the public for long walks.  

I love a preppy and classy look for Monty and Brooks Brothers is right up my alley.  

Check out Brooks Brothers Tartan line:


Monty is in need of a puppy cut.
He just had his paws and face washed, after coming in from outside.
He helped write this post (lol).

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