Thursday, June 5, 2014


Lately I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with my thoughts.  Okay, that statement sounds a little crazy (lol). I think I have too much going on at work and in my personal life.  I'm trying to remember everything, and I should be writing it down.  

I will say, with work, I'm pretty organized.  Since moving to my new floor, I did purchase a notebook and have been diligent about jotting things down.  I don't have to search through folders on my computer; I can quickly look in my notebook.  You can check out the snapshot of my desk area at work below:

I found this great notebook at a HomeGoods store in NJ. 
It pairs nicely with my new space and desk set up.
There's nothing like a good old fashioned, notebook.  Yes, I do jot appointments and reminders down on my iphone but I still like a hard copy of certain things.  And, my biggest fear is one day losing what's on my computer or phone. And, I don't feel 100% safe storing certain information on a computer.

Having a notebook or pad is still a useful tool; no matter how advanced we are in technology.  It's a great resource, especially for blogging.  I'm constantly writing down ideas and topics on little pieces of paper; which tend to get cluttered in my purse.  And, I hate clutter! I write down "to do" lists, shopping lists and project lists. Sometimes writing things down, is a constant reminder to get it done. And what a nice feeling to check it or cross it off in the end. 

How about those that keep journals?  It's nice to read back on what you wrote.  And, when I really think about it, it's a great form of therapy. 

On a side note:  Getting organized at home too.  If u ever came into my house, everything is in its place except my paper work and files.  I'm finally getting my home office done!  If you follow me, I've posted my plans for a home office months ago.  But, with a minor set back, I had to put it off for a bit.  I'm back on track and that ball is rolling; install is scheduled the end of this month.  Of course, I'll be sharing that post with you!  Having said that, I've been on the hunt for desk accessories and a notebook is on my list.

While searching, here are some great notebooks/journals I found online (and of course fashionable and fun):

Loving these Notebooks from Sparrow & Wolf (via
You can choose from silver or gold designs.

For an artsy look, Mara Hoffman Journal are sure to please.  Anthropologie

This is a lovely yearly planner, agenda, calendar and organizer from whitneyenglish via Etsy 
Classic Kate Spade's striped notebook (Beeyond Paper)
If you just want a notebook, how about this gold and white Cabana Striped Notebook
 via Sugar Paper Los, Angeles

How fun are these polka journals!  (via Sugar Paper, Los Angeles)

What a lovely set of journals from paperblanks (Ori collection). 
I have a couple of notebooks from paperblanks, purchased years ago from their Brocade collection. Such a luxury book with beautiful designs and parchment paper. 

What are some of your favorite notebooks?  Feel free to share.


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  1. I'm forever using notebooks! I seem to have a growing collection.